March 19, 2010: Maryland Terrapins vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


The Game at First BaseGame: Maryland Terrapins vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets; Friday March 19.
Starting Pitchers:
Brett Harman (#24, 2-2, 5.81) vs. Deck McGuire (#25, 3-0, 0.87)
Final Score:
Terrapins: 5, Yellow Jackets: 2
Who was there:
Ashley and Maggie
Where did we sit?:
All seats at Shipley Field are $6, so we sat anywhere we liked.  In this case, “where we liked” was on the far side of the Georgia Tech dugout.  From that vantage point, we were out from behind the net (which made for better photographs), were right next to the dugout (which was interesting to see how the players watched the game), and next to the Georgia Tech bullpen (which made for VERY interesting sights).  But since the field is so small, really any seat has a good view.
What did we eat:
Ashley had a soft pretzel (meh – just okay) and M&Ms (half the bag was deformed).  Maggie had a hot-dog (her first of the season, and for which she had to wait 20 minutes, since they were initially out), Cracker Jack (all the peanuts were at the bottom!), and pink lemonade.
Favorite Moment:
One of the GT catchers asks a teammate to grab his jock-strap from his bag.  He then proceeds to the far corner of the bull-pen (far from the prying eyes (and cameras) of lady baseball bloggers.
Favorite Non-Baseball Moment:
Two frisky squirrels hopped the fence and spent 15 minutes making skritchy noises as they ran around on the bleachers.  We think they wanted to get closer to the game. Or else wanted some peanuts and crackerjacks…
Other Observations: We had two reasons to go to this game – Ashley is a Georgia Tech alumnus, and Maggie was interested in seeing Deck McGuire pitch.  Deck (great baseball name, btw) is one of the pitchers on the radar of the Nationals as a potential 2010 Draft pick.  Finding the field itself (and where to park once we got there) was a bit of a challenge since neither of us had been to the UMD campus before.  For others looking to venture out to Shipley for a game – take a map of campus with you.  One of the first things we noticed once we got to the game was the oddness of the playing field.  It appears that the field is all artificial turf, except for the area around the bases, which are dirt filled, and almost appear to be at a lower level than that of the turf running path.  And unfortunately, the night didn’t end so well for the Yellow Jackets – McGuire had a not-so-great showing, allowing a 3-run homer in the first inning, and another solo homer in the 8th.  The Terps seemed thrilled by their win (apparently, the first win over a top-5 team in two years), and the Jackets dejected by the loss.  Fortunately, Georgia Tech would come back to win the series with back to back wins on Saturday and Sunday.

Deck McGuire

Maryland at the Plate

First Base Coach

Georgia Tech Glove

After Game Team Meeting

(full album from this game can be seen here)


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