2010 Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Photo Day


Lannan prepares for the town hall meeting

Event: Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Photo Day, April 3, 2010, 11:30am-1:30pm
Activities: Photos with Nationals Players and Coaches, town hall meeting with Manager Jim Riggleman and Pitcher John Lannan.
Who did I get pictures with?: Adam Dunn, Dan Radison, Ivan Rodriguez, Wil Nieves, Willie Harris, Willy Taveras, Jim Riggleman, Pat Listach, Rick Eckstein, Josh Willingham, Garrett Mock, Justin Maxwell, Christian Guzman, Alberto Gonzalez, Brian Bruney, Roger Bernadina.
What was said in the town hall: A lot of what Riggleman said was standard Nationals talk about what’s happening in the program – that they’re taking it slow with Strasburg (but yes, he’s good), that they want to win, and are doing their best to improve the team as a whole so that happens.  Here are some choice quotes:

Child: Who’s the best hitter on the team?
Lannan: Not me!

Riggleman: We have to measure our success in wins and losses…we’re at the point where we can’t measure it any other way.

Riggleman: Strasburg will have 8 or 10 starts in the minors

The pitchers should have a friendly batting average competition

Fan: What would you do to get Teddy to win?
Riggleman: Weight loss.

Fan comments on Siena crapping out in the NCAA tournament, Lannan laments this loss.
Riggleman:  “I was gonna go to Siena, but then I went to college instead”

Kid: “Who’s the best pitcher?”
Charlie Slowes: “Here or in the whole world?”
Lannan: *quietly* Stephen Strasburg

It's Teddy!

Maggie and Josh Willingham

John Lannan and Jim Riggleman

Ryan Zimmerman...adjusting his jersey?

(full album from this game can be seen here)


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One Response to “2010 Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Photo Day”

  1. brandnewkindof Says:

    why do even GROWN UP baseball players want to put their hands in their pants? how far can it have gone, boys, your pants are super tight.

    loving y’all’s posts so far, mge. yay, baseball!

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