April 3, 2010: Washington Nationals vs. Boston Red Sox


The crowds came out to see the Nationals take on the Red Sox

Game: #00 – Washington Nationals vs. Boston Red Sox
Starting Pitchers:
Craig Stammen (#35, 1-2, 3.72) vs. Wakefield (#49, 4-1, 3.04)
Final Score:
Nationals: 1, Red Sox: 6
Nats New Record:
10-21 (Final Spring Training Record)
Nats Play of the Game:
Adam Kennedy picks up a hit that is heading out to the outfield, makes a fast turn to get the out.
Nats Player of the Game:
Ian Desmond plays some defense, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while, and scores Washington’s solitary run.
Favorite Moment:
New-look defense double play (Desmond-Kennedy-Dunn)
Who was there:
Maggie and Thea (friend from grad school)
Our Records:
Maggie: 0-1 (spring training)
Where did we sit:
Section 106, Row U, Seats 4&5 (end of row).  The view was ok, but the foul pole blocked my view (from seat 5) of the pitcher, and Thea’s view (from seat 4) of first base.  It was in full shade by 4pm – this may not be the case during the height of summer, but for today it was PERFECT.
What did we eat: I started out with an all-beef hot dog (from Nats Dogs) and blue slushie (from NJ’s Pretzels) for lunch.  The all-beef hot dog is a significant piece of…pieces of meat.  The slushie was, as always, excellent, and did it’s part to turn my mouth blue.  Later (in the dinner hour), Maggie had a pretzel dog and water (from NJ’s pretzels), and Thea had boardwalk fries and a Blue Moon beer (from Boardwalk Fries).  The pretzel dog was good.  The pretzel part was better than the hot dog part (which should have been smaller).  Thea said her fries were good, but needed salt, or malt vinegar, or SOMETHING.  But the beer was good.
President’s Race: Teddy took the lead, with the other presidents lagging behind.  “That Cat” appeared, and started picking off the stragglers one by one.  He didn’t get to Teddy until near the finish line.  He was rough with Teddy, so Teddy was rough with him.  Teddy won – and then Screech dq’d him!  In a shocking turn of events, “That Cat” won the President’s race, despite the fact that he is not a Rushmore.  Shocking.  Unacceptable.  I’m thinking the promotional team didn’t want any of the presidents to win so that they all start with a clean slate for the regular season.
Other Observations: There were LOTS of Sox fans around, but it seemed like there were fewer walking around than at the Sox series last May.  I have a feeling that many of those Sox fans are regularly Nationals fans (when they can’t see their AL team).  I talked with the guy sitting next to me during the game, and that’s the impression he gave – for this game, he was a Sox fan; but for the other 162 games of the year, his heart belongs to the Nats.  Good to hear.
The middle infield looked much improved.  One of the things I remember from last year was a lot of silly mistakes were made.  Desmond and Kennedy worked very well together, and I have a feeling that Guzman could fit well into that group if he has made the improvements that everyone says he has.  In any case – the middle infield will be something to watch.

Outfield during Batting Practice

Mayor Adrian Fenty throws the ceremonial first pitch

It's the President Signal!

View from 106, Row U

(full album from this game can be seen here)


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