April 7, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies


A beautiful evening for baseball

Game: #002 – Nationals vs. Phillies
Starting Pitchers: Jason Marquis (#21, 0-1, 13.50) vs. Cole Hamels (#35, 1-0, 3.60)
Final Score: Nationals: 4, Phillies: 8
Nats New Record: 0-2
Play(s) of the Game: Zimmerman, Dunn, Willingham, and Pudge have a great string of hits (and a walk by Dunn) to get on base – most memorable being Pudge’s dribbler down the third base line.
Player of the Game: Ian Desmond – for a great first home run of the season for the Nats to centerfield
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: The weirdness of the handshake cam.  Seriously? Watching that happen was like living in bizarro world.  If there had been fewer Phillies fans in the areas where the cameras regularly film for Nats HD, we could see this being interesting.  But instead the camera-guys spent lots of time with the small pockets of Nats fans in the Phillies areas, and Phillies fans and Nats fans were not about to shake hands and “get to know [their] neighbor”
Who was there:
Ashley and Maggie
Our Records (for games we attend):
Ashley – 0-2; Maggie – 0-2
Where did we sit (how were the seats):
We bought seats in row X of section 131, and were sitting on the aisle, but it seemed like ticket sales had focused on that area, because there wasn’t a lot of elbow room.  After getting food, we moved up to row RR in the same section, and had lots of space to stretch out (and get our photos without blocking anyone’s sightlines).  We weren’t the only ones who had this idea, as more groups joined the upper rows as the night wore on.
What did we eat:
Ashley and Maggie both ordered the “Chicken and Waffles Sandwich” from Change Up Chicken.  The sandwich wasn’t quite what we were expecting – it was a fried chicken patty (like a hamburger) in between two soft waffles – not the fried breast pictured in this post (take a look at the picture in OUR gallery to see the difference).  But don’t get us wrong – the taste was great: the contrasts between chewy waffles and crunchy breading, between savory meat and sweet cayenne maple syrup.  Definitely something we’ll get hankerings for at future games.
Promotional Items (and how is it):
We arrived too late (in the middle of the first inning) to get our hands on the “Magnet Schedule/Car Magnet”, but as Ashley visited the ladies room before leaving the game, she noticed a curly-W car magnet stuck to a trash can.  She thanks whichever Phillies fan left it/didn’t have a good enough arm to actually throw the thing away.  Maggie is extremely jealous.
President’s Race:
The theme of Teddy really being more in the mix and not the complete and total loser he’s been in years past continued to play out.  The race came down to the stretch, where Abe and Teddy fought (actually fought) for the lead.  Tom snuck around the outside of this duo and claimed his first W of the season.
Other Observations:

– We noticed this at Opening Day too, but the continued lack puzzles us – where’s the curly-W mowed into the outfield?
– Ashley notes that Adam Dunn looks like a huggable guy.  We’d be willing to test that theory if Adam would give us the chance.
– On Zimmerman running to catch a fly ball that eventually went into the stands: “You gotta admire his hustle” “You gotta admire his butt in those pants” (Yes, we’re girls, and we notice these things.  Sue us.)
– Sadly, because of our work schedules, we only were able to stay at the game through the 7th inning stretch.  Fortunately, that gave us a chance to see our pitching crush – Tyler Clippard – take the mound.  Unfortunately, that meant missing Christian Guzman crush a triple to the outfield.  C’est la vie.
– We enjoyed this game felt a LOT more than opening day.  Maybe it was the crowd – which was big, but smaller than opening day which was standing room only.  Maybe it was that while there were still lots of Phillies fans, we weren’t sitting with loud obnoxious ones who seemed bent on ruining our experience.  Maybe it was the more obvious offensive effort from the Nationals that produced 4 runs instead of 1, or the defense which held the Phillies to 8 instead of 11 (small improvements though they were, improvements still).  Maybe it was the cooler temperature and lovely night breeze.  Whatever that deciding factor was, we had a MUCH better time, and felt free to be the kind of fans that we love being (enthusiastic, goofy, and LOUD).

Dunn and Werth

Let's have a little talk

Other Pitchers

Caps at a Nats Game

(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from this game and others can be seen here)


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