April 12, 2010 – Random Update


Screech at the finish line

As the Nats have been on the road, Maggie and Ashley haven’t posted (no games to attend!), but we haven’t stopped thinking about our boys.  In fact, Ashley is just now posting her pictures from last Wednesday’s game, for you all to enjoy.

Ashley has been out of town, and on her flight, Air Tran’s magazine proved a font of Nationals enjoyment with an interview of Ryan Zimmerman.

Maggie’s grandmother lives right outside of Syracuse, and mailed a set of articles cut out of the newspaper to her this afternoon.  One about Stephen Strasburg, one about Justin Maxwell, the 50th anniversary of the Chiefs, and many more from the Opening Day paper.

National League East Standings - 4/12/10

National League East Standings - 4/12/10

To top it all off – the Nats are now 3-4.  Last year at this point, they were still 0-7.  Progress, people.  It doesn’t need to happen all at once.  But being out of the cellar of the National League?  Priceless.

Infield hanging out at the mound

Tyler Clippard at the Mound

This girl would make passes at that dude wearing glasses

(full album from this game can be seen here, including one where Tyler Clippard licks his face)


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