April 20, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Colorado Rockies


Go Nats!
Game: #014 – Nationals vs. Rockies
Starting Pitchers: Scott Olsen (#19, 0-1, 11.74) vs. Jorge De La Rosa (#29, 2-1, 4.00)]
Final Score: Nationals: 4, Rockies: 10
Nats New Record: 7-7
Play of the Game: Ryan Zimmerman’s 2-run homer to the visitor bullpen.  It was in that moment that all Nats fans breathed a sigh of relief that, at the very least, we wouldn’t be shut out.
Player of the Game: Christian Guzman – going 4 for 4.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment:  Nyjer Morgan dove for a ball in the second inning, and put so much effort into it that he left a skid mark on the field.  Our section (100) and section 143 all clapped for him and his effort.
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie (along with Maggie’s parents – who did not sit with them)
Our Records: Ashley – 1-3; Maggie – 1-3; Maggie’s Mom – 0-1; Maggie’s Dad – 0-2
Where did we sit: Ashley and Maggie took advantage of a weekday ticket deal and got seats in the Center Field Lounge.  These seats are padded, have tables, lots of leg room, and in-seat service.  In short – they were AWESOME.  Also, you could still see the HD board, the out of town scores, while getting to admire the handiwork of Nyjer Morgan and Willy Taveras.  If you have the chance to get seats there – DO IT.
What did we eat: Maggie had a chicken caesar salad, a soft pretzel with cheese, and diet coke and hot chocolate.  The salad was ok, but definitely felt ‘packaged’ (though the small bites of chicken were nice).  The pretzel was HEAVILY salted, but delicious with the cheese.  The hot chocolate was a smidge too hot, and Maggie still can’t feel those taste-buds.  Ashley had a turkey burger, a Corona and a box of popcorn.  The turkey burger wasn’t bad, but she would rather have a real burger in the future. She would recommend it to someone who doesn’t eat beef – bun was good, turkey was juicy, but it needed some spice.  The popcorn was waaaaay too big – even with Maggie’s help she couldn’t get through half!  Next time, she would get hot chocolate or ice cream (depending on the weather).
Promotional Items: Red “NatsTown” t-shirt with white writing, with “Get Your Red On” on the back.  The front is a reverse version of the “Natstown” shirt from last year.
President’s Race: Teddy was “Astro-Teddy” in honor of the Space Shuttle team who were in attendance at the game.  Maggie made a fool of herself on twitter because when she saw him in the shadows, covered face and carrying a stick (which turned out to be a flag), she ‘leaked’ that it was hockey themed.  Oh, the shame.  Tom took the race, and the lead for the season.

Other Observations:
– We chatted for a while with @NatsTix before the game.  Nicole, who tweets that account, was really nice, and we talked about potential game attendance and tweet-ups in the future.
– Apolo Ohno was in attendance and talked with Clint during “Inside Pitch”, and gave the umpires the lineups.  Maggie and Ashley are FANS.
– Fans behind us bestowed the nickname “Maxi-Pad” on Justin Maxwell.  And everyone was a “Froot-loop”.  We…are not sure we approve.
– Ashley, Maggie and her parents all left early (at the bottom of the 6th) because it was late, and they all needed to get home.  “Luckily” the game went long, so Maggie was able to listen to the game on the radio on her way home and to watch the ending on MASN.

Outfielders Conference

President's Race

Morgan at bat


(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from other games can be seen here)


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