April 25, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers


Josh Willingham

Game: #019 (of 162) – Nationals vs. Dodgers
Starting Pitchers: Scott Olsen (#19, 1-1, 6.14) vs. Chad Billingsley (#58,1-1, 5.40)]
Final Score: Nationals: 1, Dodgers: 0
Nats New Record: 10-9
Play of the Game: Adam Dunn knocks a fly ball to the outfield.  By getting out, he gave Nyjer Morgan time to get home and score the only run of the game.
Player of the Game: Josh Willingham – cold at the plate, but had an EXCELLENT defensive day.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Watching the pre-game text messages that scroll along the bottom of the screen.  Many were very stupid, and some of them were totally hilarious.
Who was there: Maggie and her Dad, Ashley and her friend Jessica.
Our Records: Ashley – 2-3; Maggie – 2-3; Maggie’s Dad – 1-2; Jessica – 1-0
Where did we sit: Maggie and her Dad were in their regular section (311), and Ashley and her friend got seats in section 120 (which had a pretty great view).
What did we eat: Maggie and her Dad bought peanuts outside the stadium, and right before the national anthem, some guys who sat down in front of them had wraps from the “Healthy Plate” area, and so inspired, that’s what they had for lunch.  Cajun chicken and turkey wraps.  The taste was pretty good, and my Dad like them, but there were lots of beans in the Cajun chicken (which Maggie is not a fan of), and turkey in both (again, something she doesn’t particularly like).  The turkey was also a little soggy.  Both groups got ice cream (Dippin’ Dots was out of non-fruit flavors) from Giffords, and both encountered exceedingly slow lines.  A regular problem, or just that afternoon?
Promotional Items: Ashley managed to acquire a kids cap, which she says she liked a LOT.
President’s Race: It seemed like a straight-up race, until the presidents turned the corner – there waited a large group of mascots, on hand for Screech’s birthday.  They tackled each President as they tried to get through, but George – in the lead – made his way to the finish line first.

Other Observations:
– All the weather forecasts called for rain.  Somehow we lucked out and got the most perfect sunny day in the world.  The perfect thing about Maggie’s seats in section 311 is that by game time, the seats are in the shade (which can be necessary when you’re pale like Maggie).
– The game lasted just over 2 and a half hours – short and sweet, just like this post.  The team is on the road, but we’ll be posting at least once more about minor league games.  Watch this space!

Pre-Game Birthday Festivities

In the Dugout

President's Race


(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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