May 4, 2010: Washintgon Nationals vs Atlanta Braves


Game: #26 (of 162) – Nationals vs. Braves
Final Score: Nationals: 6, Braves: 3

Nats New Record: 14-12
Play of the Game: Ashley was talking to a Braves fan who was saying he wasn’t impressed with the new pitcher Bobby Cox had just put in. The words were barely out of his mouth when Adam Dunn hit a home run!

Favorite Non-baseball Moment: After a pre-inning “outfield toss a ball around warmup”, Nyjer Morgan turned and tossed one up into the corner we were in. The ball hit the counter with a resounding thud a row ahead of Ashley and fell back down. Morgan then proceeded to good-naturedly make fun of the fan who didn’t catch it (as did all of his friends, which included the group Ashley was there with). It’s always fun to see players interact with the crowd! (Nyjer, if you’re reading this… I promise I will do better if you toss one to me!)

Who was there: Ashley (3-3)
Where did we sit: Cheapest tickets left were in the 300s when we got to the park at the bottom of the 4th inning. However, we ended up going to the Red Porch and hanging out there all night. Once we found a place where we could see, the seats were great!
What did we eat: Ashley had a massively sore throat, so she ordered a big cup of OJ instead of a beer. It helped a little bit…

Other Observations: No pictures this time! Ashley was at the Capitol for a college networking event, and she didn’t plan on going to the game. However, a run-in with a friend from high school turned Congressional staffer convinced her to head out to the ballpark! A gaggle of staffers walked down from Capitol Hill, and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. For better or worse, most of the group were Braves fans (and/or working for Georgia Congress-critters). Ashley admits that after spending the first 24 years of her life cheering for the Braves, it was hard not to be happy when they played well. Bobby Cox (the Braves’ manager) has been an Atlanta institution almost as long as Ashley has been alive, and it’s his final season, so she was secretly cheering for the Braves. (Shhh… don’t tell Maggie!)


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