May 5, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves


Capitol through the stadium
Game: #027 – Nationals vs. Braves
Starting Pitchers: Luis Atilano (#56,2-0, 3.77) vs. Tommy Hanson (#48, 2-2, 2.83)]
Final Score: Nationals: 6, Braves: 7
Nats New Record: 14-13
Play of the Game: (while Maggie was there) Ian Desmond home run at the bottom of the 2nd; (heard on the radio) Josh Willingham with a 2 RBI single in the 8th to tie the game.
Who was there: Maggie
Our Records: Maggie – 2-4
Where did she sit: Section 409, Row A.  If you’re in the upper gallery, it might almost be better to get a seat higher up, because despite the fact that the railings have transparent partitions, you have the railing itself to deal with in your sight line.  I imagine row C and above won’t present this problem.
What did she eat: Ben’s Chili Bowl half smoke with chili and cheese (a little spicy, and definitely sloppy, but OH so delicious), and a churro (which seemed only appropriate on Cinco de Mayo)
President’s Race: Teddy doesn’t race – instead, he hangs out near the finish line wearing a sombrero, then tackles Abe and Tom, allowing George to win.

Other Observations:
– Pudge caught Nate McLouth stealing in the first inning – it was a beautiful throw, and McLouth had an amazing look of incredulity on his face as he realized he was not safe.
– The scoreboard continued to have problems – Atilano was labeled as having his MLB debut “today” during his first at-bat, and was given Roger Bernadina’s biographical information during his second at-bat.  Leftover issues from yesterday evening?
– Atilano seemed to struggle today from the first innings.  Thank goodness he had a good defense behind him.  (BTW – he looks adorable in his glasses during the Nats-after-the-game show on MASN)
– Nyjer Morgan had two SOLID doubles to start the game.  Great stuff
– One of the benefits of section 409 is being able to watch the organist do her work.  One of the downsides is that it’s awfully buggy.
– Did one of the Braves spill their Gatorade in front of the dugout?

Outfield seats from the gallery

Bug on the railing


Tom greets his fans

(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from other games can be seen here)


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