May 7, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins


NatsTweetup Photo

Game: #029  – Nationals vs. Marlins
Starting Pitchers: Craig Stammen, (#35,1-1 , 5.63) vs. Chris Volstad, (#41, 3-2, 4.12)
Final Score: Nationals: 2, Marlins: 4
Nats New Record: 15-14
Plays and Player of the Game: Willie Harris made two spectacular diving catches in both right and left fields.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: The first #NatsTweetup of the year! (more on that below)
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie (aka @tehbee and @darastar)
Our Records: Ashley – 3-4; Maggie – 2-5
Where did we sit: We were in section 241 with the rest of the #NatsTweetup members.  Our seats were directly underneath the scoreboard (which was kind of frustrating at times), but the view was great, and the Scoreboard Pavilion was right behind us.
What did we eat: The other advantage of the seats near the Scoreboard Pavilion is the fact that Five Guys is right there.  Ashley and Maggie both had burgers, and split an order of fries with malt vinegar (because one order really is enough for two people).  Both the burgers and fries were deliciously greasy as can be expected from any Five Guys.
Promotional Items: A cooler bag – it’s a nearly lunch-bag sized, but has a large curly-W on the front with a Miller Light logo on top.
President’s Race: It looked like a regular blow-out by George, but as the trailing three presidents turned the right field corner, Tom decided that even if he lost, he had to knock Teddy over.  So he did.  Shocking!

Other Observations:
– More on the tweetup: we met up with the other tweeters (twitterers?) in the Scoreboard Lounge area, watched the band for the evening (Dr Fu – who were great), and waited for prize drawings once everyone was there.  Neither Ashley nor Maggie won any of the prizes, but it was fun to meet with other people who care about the Nationals and enjoy the social networking aspect.
– It’s hard to watch the game when there’s so much else going on.  We had some kind of team sitting near us that were doing lots of singing and dancing with and without their shirts, the Donkeys made and appearance, and in general it was a loud, fun evening.

dancing during happy hour

Enthusiasm personified

Steep scoreboard angle

Morgan slides in safely

Let's Go Nationals


(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from other games can be seen here)


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One Response to “May 7, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins”

  1. Rob Smith Says:

    I was hurting my neck looking back at the Titantron at times. The seats were good to watch a baseball game, but newer baseball parks should consider building two jumbotrons, a large one in the outfield and a smaller one on top of the park behind home plate.

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