May 22, 2010: Washington Nationals v. Baltimore Orioles


Game: #44 (of 162) – Nationals vs. Orioles

Starting Pitchers: Craig Stammen, (#35, 1-2, 5.36) vs. Brad Bergesen, (#35, 3-3, 5.45)

Final Score: Nationals: 7, Baltimore: 6

Nats New Record: 22-22

Play of the Game: I’m a sucker for a good home run – Josh Willingham gets the play of the game for his batting prowess in the 3rd.

Player of the Game: Adam Dunn for his single in the 6th that brought in both the 6th and 7th runs of the game.

Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Ashley got to the park early, so she had a lot of time to kill before the game started. She played skee ball at the MASN tent and won a “Battle of the Beltways” shirt. Then, she headed down to watch the Nats warm up. Unfortunately, they did not open up the whole stadium until the Nats went back in and the Orioles came out, but she did get a baseball from a young fan who had a handful of them. After the whole stadium opened up, Ashley made her way down to the dugout and hung out there for a while taking pictures. Drew Storen and Pat Listach (3rd Base Coach) came over to say hello and sign autographs, Adam Kennedy stopped a little bit farther down, and Screech wandered by and hit on Ashley (!). It was a lot of fun, and Ashley would definitely go to a game early again.

Who was there: Ashley and a bunch of friends/colleagues

Our Record: Ashley – 4-4

Where did we sit: Ashley and friends sat in section 404 rows K and L. The seats were great – they only cost $10, we could see the whole field, and we were far enough under the overhang that we didn’t get wet when it started to rain.

What did we eat: Ashley talked the Gifford’s folks into making her a Coke Float. She also grabbed a bottomless popcorn for everyone to share. It took the whole group (18 people) to finish one bucket, so we didn’t go back for seconds.

Promotional Items: A red/white Nationals cap. It’s another hat with an elastic band, but it fit much better than the opening day hat.

President’s Race: Abe busted through the other President’s to earn a win for himself. Teddy looked very dejected as he walked back to the outfield gate instead of exiting near 1st base.

Other Observations: Wow, watching Nyjer Morgan’s hissy fit in the outfield was amazing. He told Riggleman he thought the ball had gone over the fence, but that’s still no excuse to throw down your glove and pout. Kudos to Willingham for grabbing the ball and heaving it back into play (even if the run was already in).

Also, as you will see from the linked photos, Ashley loves the grounds crew. From chalking the lines to trying to keep the infield dry and playable, these guys are awesome!

(full album from this game can be seen here)


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