May 21, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Baltimore Orioles


Battle of the Beltways

Game: #043 – Nationals vs. Orioles
Starting Pitchers: Scott Olsen, (#19, 2-2, 3.77) vs. David Hernandez, (#29,1-5 , 5.31)
Final Score: Nationals: 3, Orioles: 5
Nats New Record: 21-22
Play of the Game: Suicide squeeze in the fourth inning!  Great to watch after seeing it almost happen on TV the night before.
Player of the Game: Willie Harris – who gets himself a 2-run homer after Nyjer Morgan gets a pinch-hit double to get on base.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: The “Clueless Cam” caught an “Orioles fan”.  He was eating a hot dog, and then decided it needed some Old Bay.  Then he pulled out some ice cream, but then decided that needed some Old Bay too.  And then he pulled out his beer, and sprinkled in a bunch of Old Bay in it before taking a swig.  Awesome.
Who was there: Maggie and her Mom
Our Records: Maggie – 2-6; her Mom – 0-3
What did we eat: Mom had a Phillie’s style dog with onions and peppers.  She liked it, but the bottom of the bun fell out the way that Maggie’s halfsmoke with chili and cheese did.  Maggie had chicken tenders with waffle fries, both of which were delicious.
President’s Race: The Bird tackled Teddy, Abe and George, which allowed Tom to run ahead and win.  What was especially heinous was the fact that the Bird kicked Teddy in the butt after the race – unacceptable!

Other Observations:
– Livo pinch hit, and for whatever reason, I hallucinated that he could come in and relieve Olsen (who was NOT having a good game).
– The Nats definitely have a problem with stranding guys on base.  They could score more runs (and WIN GAMES) if they could actually bring the dudes home.
– Hey people – don’t boo the groundskeeper!  He’s just doing his job, and our pitchers need a proper mound!
– My mom, in response to the Willie Harris homerun: “It’s that wave that did it”  (a group on the far outfield gallery started the wave, and when it really got going, the stadium was electric).
– A very buggy night.

Sumo Mascots

A beautiful evening

Hernandez at bat

Clueless Cam

(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from other games can be seen here)


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