May 29, 2010: Syracuse Chiefs vs Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees


Strasburg pitches

Game: #050 – Syracuse Chiefs vs. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees
Starting Pitchers: Stephen Strasburg (#37, 3-1, 1.27) vs. Tim Redding (#23, 0-0, 3.86)
Final Score: Chiefs: 2, Yankees: 3
Chiefs New Record: 28-20
Play of the Game: Chase Lambin, Chiefs second baseman, slides home hoping to beat a throw from the outfield.  Instead of sliding in directly, he comes in behind the Yankees catcher and reaches behind to tag home plate.  The crowd goes WILD!
Player of the Game: What can I say – despite this being his first AAA loss, Strasburg was great.  He got up to at LEAST 99mph, and was impressive up until the 6th inning when he just fell apart.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Watching a couple fratty guys in the front row talk smack with the 8th grader sitting near them.
Who was there: Maggie (and more than 13,000 – a full house – other fans hoping to get a glimpse of the wunderkind)
Her Record: Maggie – 2-7
Where did she sit: Section 112, row C.  This is just to the left of the home dugout, a great area for getting player signatures, and watching ballplayers come and go before and after innings.  These are also some of the most “expensive” seats in the house – purchased online, my total came to $13.50 (a real steal if you’re used to DC prices).
What did we eat: A hot dog and a Saranac pale ale.  The beer was good, the hot dog was pathetic (a little burned, the bun all squished up and split down the middle).

Other Observations:
– During the top of the fourth, I was filming the at-bat.  All of a sudden, a foul ball comes screaming at us!  If the ball hadn’t bounced on the dugout railing, it would have probably hit me.
– I sat next to a guy who hates the wave.  WHO HATES THE WAVE???
– Syracuse has a train that runs behind the outfield.  Not a kiddie train – a real-deal functioning diesel train.  It’s awesome to watch it chug and toot in the middle of the game.
– Strasburg had a balk in the 6th.  I didn’t see it happen, and I still don’t really know what it means to balk.
– He did not seem happy to be taken out after walking a dude and generally having a bad inning.  Syracuse fans gave him a standing ovation, but one drunk dude two rows in front of me got a little obnoxious about the fact that Strassy didn’t tip his cap.  One of the security guys in the dugout got into it with the drunk dude, and security was eventually called.  If this guy hadn’t insisted on being so loud with his displeasure at Stras not tipping his cap, nothing would have happened.  He wasn’t kicked out, but he got a warning.
– Jason Bergman was lip-singing along with the Outfield’s “Your Love”.  It was kind of awesome to witness.  He later watched the game, staring lovingly – as if he wanted to be in there (which I’m sure he did).
– According to the people sitting near me, I’m a “creepy stalker chick” because I happen to know things about Strasburg (I remembered his birthday because it’s 3 days before mine, I know where he went to school because I’m a Nationals fan, and he was THE NEWS last summer, and I know what kind of car he drives because it was in the Syracuse newspaper article I read that afternoon).  I didn’t hound him for an autograph (didn’t stick around after the game), and I know quite a bit about the other players too.  I think I proved I was a legit fan (and not a Strasburg stalker) by being able to talk about the OTHER Syracuse players that were being sent up/down (JD Martin, Justin Maxwell).

Kids waiting for Strasburg to appear

The Media watches Strasburg warm-up

Packed house

Infielders waiting

(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from other games can be seen here)


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4 Responses to “May 29, 2010: Syracuse Chiefs vs Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees”

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  2. shawn Says:

    I hope your time in Syracuse wasn’t too painful.

    I have been lucky enough to get to see all four of Strasburgs home starts. I hope that doesn’t make me creepy stalker dude also.

    If you get back into town ever (Bryce Harper !!), go to the hot dog stand with the flat top on the third base side of the stadium. The dogs are cooked to order and are much better than than the crappy one you got.

    • Maggie Says:

      I had a great time in Syracuse. This was not my first game there, and it won’t be my last since I have family and friends in the area. In hindsight, I needed to not be as picky – it’s ok to buy a beer one place and a hot dog at another stand. I was just antsy and wanted to get everything together. And I don’t think EITHER of us are creepy stalkers – you only get that way when you start following his (or any player’s) car.

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