June 4, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Cincinatti Reds


Muggy night

Game: #056 – Nationals vs. Reds
Starting Pitchers: Livan Hernandez (#61, 3-3, 2.45) vs. Aaron Harang (#39, 4-4, 5.62)
Final Score: Nationals: 4, Reds: 2
Nats New Record: 27-29
Play of the Game: It could have been Roger Bernadina’s diving catch, but Maggie was in the bathroom when it happened (and she gets final call on these things).  Instead, this honor goes to Drew Stubbs and Jonny Gomes, who – in a play Maggie has been waiting her entire life to see in person – ran into each other while trying to catch a fly ball, and thus, dropped it.  Spectacular work, guys.
Player of the Game: Ian Desmond – clutch hitting with players on base, and everyone in the park was behind him as he was first 1) called out at third on a great split leg slide and 2) thrown out of the game for arguing with the ump and throwing his helmet to the ground.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: During one break, they played Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual”.  Maggie started dancing in her seat, and Jon turned to her and they began discussing how someone should do the Carlton, since this is THAT song.  Luckily, two guys stepped up to form.  It was FANTASTIC.
Who was there: Maggie and her friend Jon from college (he just moved back to the area, and is a Mets fan, but she’s hoping to turn him on to the hometown team)
Our Records: Maggie – 3-7; Jon 1-0
Where did we sit: Section 303, Row F, in the middle.  These were the seats that Maggie got with her Red Carpet Rewards points, anticipating a Strasburg start, but it was obviously not meant to be.  The seats were fine – good view, if only a little buggy (which combined with the humid weather meant a lot of uncomfortable people).  However, there was some kind of green sludge behind our seats.  Ew!
What did we eat: Both Maggie and Jon got the nachos from Hard Times Cafe.  These are SO good, but there are a couple caveats – eat them as soon as you can, since cold nachos are nobody’s friend, and the chili tends to make the chips soggy if they sit for too long.  If you get peppers, they WILL be spicy-hot, since the chili on them already has a kick.  Sour cream is your friend – it’s a cooling contrast to the hotness of both chili and peppers.  Maggie also had a small peanut butter gelato from La Piccola Gelataria.  This was refreshing, but was not particularly peanut-buttery, and also had little flakes of chocolate in it.
President’s Race: First off, I had the pleasure of meeting the fearless Let Teddy Win blogger at the condiment stand.  We had a nice chat, and both hoped for a Teddy win in compensation for so many purchasing tickets with hopes of seeing Strasburg (by the way – if you, or someone  you know has an extra ticket – let him know).  Sadly, this was not the case.  Teddy led for the first half, only to be overtaken by Abe (ugh), who beat Tom to the finish.  Teddy also seemed to break his glasses, which hung limply from his face – poor guy!

Other Observations:
– Dr. Albert Weisbrot sang the National Anthem.  Dude has a great voice (and name!), and did a wonderful job.
– Wil Nieves had an UGLY throw to try and throw out Brandon Phillips who was stealing second.  I love you #23, but when do we get Pudge back?
– Maggie said, “It would be interesting in a full crowd setting like this to see what the average ages of spectators are by section.  Is that too dorky?”  Jon replied, “I think you’re allowed to be a statistics dork at a baseball game.  [switching to ‘nerd voice’]  His on-base-percentage is higher than it was last year.  [switching back to normal] Oh wait – there it is.” as Wil Nieves’ OBP popped up on the big screen.
– Livo got a balk in the 5th.  In other news, Maggie still does not understand the balk.
– The “Who’s that Nat” game on the big board was adorable.  Maggie votes for more photos of Nationals players as babies!
– During the 7th inning stretch, the dance cam turned on Greivis Vasquez, recently graduated guard from the University of Maryland Men’s Basketball team.  After the game, Maggie saw him near the Nats after-the-game show desk, and got close, hoping to ask for an autograph or just shake his hand and tell him that she was a fan of  his (despite being a UNC fan in general).  Unfortunately she wussed out, and the only evidence she saw him is this blurry picture where her uber-pale left shoulder makes a cameo.

Nationals vs Reds

Filming fans

Helicopter flyover

Baby Matt Capps!

(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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