July 4, 2010: Potomac Nationals vs Wilmington Blue Rocks


Game #83 Potomac Nationals vs. Wilmington Blue Rocks
Starting Pitchers: Frias (2-4, 6.75) v. Lamb (4-2, 1.55)
Final Score: P-Nats: 4, Blue Rocks: 13

I’m going to take this opportunity to veer from our classic post and tell you how much fun minor league games are. Although there were a few great plays (amazing snags from 3rd and 1st base), for the most part, this game was not good baseball (unless you were a Blue Rocks fan). Still, let me show you why you should go to a P-Nats (or minor league team of your choice) game:

Minor League mascots: Uncle Slam is a blue headed… patriotic… thing. But, the kids loved him and he seemed to have a good time despite the heat. It was America’s birthday after all!

Minor league seats: The first picture shows you the seats I purchased. My seats were $10 and right behind home plate. I later moved to the grandstand (would have cost me $8) to take some pictures without the net in my way. Look at how low and close to the field I was!

You can get away with a lot more at minor league games. At a Nationals game, noise makers are prohibited. At a P-Nats game, they sell vuvuzelas!

Great stories about coaches and players. The man on the left is Art Silber. He is Chairman, CEO, and 1st base coach for the P-Nats. According to the program he is both “the oldest first base coach in minor league baseball” and one of only two people in professional baseball who is authorized to wear the #42 jersey.

And, the games are fun too. In addition to some old standbys like “spin around a bat as many times as possible” and “sack races” there was this gem. Fans had a chance to purchase a bag of (numbered) tennis balls during the game. Afterward, hula hoops were put out on the field and fans tried to get their tennis ball to land inside. If you made it, you got a prize!

So, I highly suggest getting yourself to a minor league game. You may not watch Strasburg pitch, but it’s a cheap, fun way to spend an afternoon with your friends.

The rest of the pictures can be found here.


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2 Responses to “July 4, 2010: Potomac Nationals vs Wilmington Blue Rocks”

  1. brandnewkindof Says:

    You know I love minor league baseball — and I love seeing you get out to some games, too! There’s just something about minor league ball that I find really charming and appealing, and I’m glad that the majority of our games these days are college or the minors.

    • Ashley Says:

      I love looking at your minor league pictures! Maybe the stars will align and we’ll get to some games together. NC seems to be a great place for baseball.

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