July 11, 2010: Washington Nationals vs San Francisco Giants


Game: #89 (of 162) – Nationals vs. Giants
Starting Pitchers: Livan Hernandez (#61, 6-4, 3.12) vs. Madison Bumgarner, (#40, 1-2, 2.86)
Final Score: Nationals: 2, Giants: 6
Nats New Record: 39-50

Play of the Game:  This wasn’t an amazing game for the Nationals. There were so many missed opportunities! Hopefully after a few days off they will come back ready to win. That being said, Ashley’s favorite play of the game was Ian Desmond stealing second base. It was late in the game (8th inning), and it was a subtle “blink and you’ll miss it” play. In fact, she was actually uncertain she even saw a stolen base, so she had to go look it up to make sure.
Player of the Game: Matt Capps. He wasn’t able to save the game for the Nats, but he received his All Star jersey. We wish him the best tonight!
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Maggie saw Clint after we got inside the park, so we went over to say hi. There was a cameraman there and asked if Maggie and Ashley wanted to be filmed as excited Nats fans. Maggie heard “Fan of the Game” and immediately volunteered Ashley for it (which the cameraman was happy to do). So, Ashley jumped around like crazy and tried her best to be an enthusiastic Nats fan. However after waiting eagerly all game, it ended up being three little kids who were the fans to vote on. Ashley was disappointed that her chance for fame and glory was taken away, but a cameraman did come by and film her dancing to Kernkraft 400, the bouncy “oh oh oh” song. (This is one of Ashley’s favorite sports songs because it is also played at college football games).

Who was there: Ashley, Maggie, and Maggie’s parents
Our Records: Ashley – 5-8; Maggie – 5-10; Maggie’s Dad – 4-4; Maggie’s Mom – 0-4
Where did we sit: Maggie and Ashley had tickets in section 409. They sat there for the first half of the game, and then moved down to 310 to sit with Maggie’s parents. Both seats were excellent – a great view of the field and in the shade with a nice breeze. Perfect for a hot summer day!

What did we eat: Both of the us grabbed some pretzels – Ashley got a salted Curly W that she found rather boring, and Maggie got the pretzel bites which were completely delightful.  There were just enough in the serving cup, and in addition to some salt (but not TOO much), there was a very subtle sweet glaze.  She would definitely get them again (and confessed to wanting to eat them all the time). Since it was hot, we both wanted a cold drink. Ashley went for the slushy, but they were out, so she stuck with water. Maggie found a better way to cool down – she got a tall daiquiri. She found it tasty (and cold!), but the tall thing they serve it in is deceptive in it’s ability to hide the fact that there’s really not that much liquid in there. This would be a treat once in a while during the summer days, but not necessary most of the time.

Promotional Items: The promo item was a backpack for kids under 12. Ashley asked around, and while they were packing up the extras found a supervisor willing to give her one (because she could act 12, even if she’s really a little bit older). While slightly smaller that the bag Ashley usually takes to games, she thinks it will work well for carrying her wallet and camera in the future.

President’s Race: Teddy was quick out of the gate wearing a Santa hat in honor of the “Christmas in July” toy drive. He was in the lead until he rounded the corner, but then he got distracted handing out presents to people in the stands. George ended up dancing across the finish line in first place.

Other Observations:
– We really liked the “highlights from the first half” that showed between innings.
– Everyone in our section was interested in the World Cup. The Nats put the score up at one point, but with a 0-0 game it was hard to tell what was happening!

We’ll be taking a break for a few weeks… the Nats are out of town until July 27th! Don’t worry though, Ashley and Maggie will be at that game and promise a full report. Ashley’s also going to watch the Delmarva Shorebirds this weekend, and there might be another minor league game in the works too.

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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