July 17, 2010: Delmarva Shorebirds vs West Virginia Power


Game: Delmarva Shorebirds vs. West Virginia Power
Final Score: Shorebirds: 3, Power: 2

Play of the Game:  Another great minor league game! I regret that I didn’t know the players well enough to say “so-and-so had an outstanding play”, but it was still fun to watch them. The Shorebirds were tied 0-0 at the top of the 6th when a storm came through the area and delayed the game 45 min. Ashley and her Dad decided to head home (it was an hour drive), so they missed all the scoring. I’m sure it was exciting though!

Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Two of the promos/games took the cake. First, the announcer came over the PA system and asked “the person driving the car with license plate XXX to stand up.” His lights were not on, but he did have the dirtiest car in the lot so he won a free car wash! Then, a truck drove onto the field with a box on the back. A lucky fan stepped in, a pile of money was tossed in, and a fan was turned on to blow it around. It looked like he only managed to grab a few bucks… I think that game is probably harder than it looks!

Who was there: Ashley and her Dad

Our Records: Ashley – 6-8; Ashley’s Dad 1-0

Where did we sit: Ashley and her Dad splurged for $11 seats (grandstand were $8 and “premium” were $13) and ended up 4 rows back from the field between the dugout and home plate. It was close enough to hear the ball slap into the catcher mitt and see all of the Shorebirds warming up on deck right in front of us.

What did we eat: Ashley’s Dad jumped on the beer special – 32 oz. for $6. Ashley couldn’t handle that much beer without falling asleep, so she went for a smaller cup in addition to her Italian sausage. Ashley’s Dad enjoyed his beer with an Angus burger. Both were pretty tasty!

Other Observations: The  Shorebirds have a very nice stadium! If I was in the area, I would definitely go back again. The fans were also very nice… none of them said anything about the Nats hat I was wearing (the Shorebirds are an Orioles team). 🙂

More Shorebirds pictures here.


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