July 27, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves


Ashley is a winner!
Game: #100 – Nationals vs. Braves
Starting Pitchers: Miguel Batista (#43, 1-0, 4.02) vs. Tommy Hanson, (#48, 3-4, 4.23)
Final Score: Nationals: 3, Braves: 0
Nats New Record: 43-57
Play of the Game: Nyjer Morgan manufactures a run all by himself in the first
Player of the Game: Miguel Batista – came in to the game to boos (everyone was expecting Strasburg), but managed to go for 5 scoreless innings – a FANTASTIC job for a middle-reliever filling in for the young phenom.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Ashley plays “One red cup” (see below).
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie
Our Records: Ashley – 6-8; Maggie – 6-10
Where did we sit: The ‘regular’ section (310), in the middle of Row C.  It was a sold-out game (in anticipation of Strasburg), so there wasn’t a lot of elbow room.
What did we eat: Chicken fingers – previously reviewed here.
Promotional Item: Gray t-shirts with “Washington” emblazoned in curly script.  No enormous logos on the back either – just a small Hard Times Cafe logo on the sleeve.
President’s Race: Stupid Abe led from wire to wire.  There was really nothing of interest in this race.  😦

Other Observations:
– As soon as Ashley and Maggie walked into the stadium (an hour early, no less), they were disappointed to find that there were tons of people there and all of the “T-Shirt Tuesday” shirts were long gone. However, they walked past members of the Nats Pack and Ashley stopped to say something about the stacks of Solo cups they were carrying around. They explained the game to her and asked if she would like to play. At that point, Maggie walked up and they recognized her as being a former winner!  Ashley was excited about giving it a try, so at the appointed time she showed up to meet her fellow contestants and practice cup stacking. The object of “One Red Cup” was to take a stack of cups (39 blue and 1 red) and move the top cup to the bottom of the stack until the red cup made it the whole way through. Despite dropping a cup in the middle of the competition, Ashley managed to take the win! As evidenced by the pictures, it clearly took a lot of concentration to make this happen. For her efforts, she won a Nats Prize Pack and the eternal awe of Clint and the cheering crowds.  The Prize Pack included: the backpack, a fleece blanket, blue Nats cap, Frank Howard bobblehead, and a Los Nacionales t-shirt. Not bad!
– You could tell the exact moment people started to figure out Strasburg wouldn’t be pitching.  Probably the moment Batista walked to the dugout from the bullpen.  And then a more full moment of  realization as the lineup was announced, and the man who took the mound was obviously not a 22 year old.  We’ve heard tell that some people got up and left at that point.  There were a number of people in our section who loudly complained.  Maggie was feeling a little antagonistic, and decided to call some of these people out on it, but really – it didn’t matter so much.  No one from our section left.  It was a beautiful night, and we had a wonderful baseball game to watch.  And really – Strasburg is a $15 MILLION dollar investment for our team – no one wants to break him.
– Nyjer Morgan never seems to be completely happy until he is completely covered in dirt.
– If someone gets hit with a ball or a bat – they should get to keep that ball or bat.  That wasn’t the case last night.  The situation was too complicated to completely describe well, suffice to say – don’t be THAT guy.
– The field looked terrible after having been burned into submission before/during the Dave Matthews Band conference a few nights earlier.
– This was the fullest Ashley or Maggie had seen the stadium since opening day or the very first Strasmas.  It was great to see so many people stay, even after they realized it wasn’t Strasmas anymore.
– Adam Dunn kept looking over his shoulder and yelling/talking to the other players.  We wonder what he was saying…

Cup Stacking

Miguel Batista on the mound

Stupid Abe Wins

Dunn at first

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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