July 31, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies


National Anthem

Game: #104 – Nationals vs. Phillies
Starting Pitchers: Ross Detwiler (#48, 0-1, 1.00) vs. Joe Blanton, (#56, 3-2, 5.71)
Final Score: Nationals: 7, Phillies: 5
Nats New Record: 46-58
Play and Player of the Game: Ryan Zimmerman goes yard with a 3-run walk-off homer to win the game.  That’s how we do it.
Runner-up Player of the Game: Ross Detwiler goes into the sixth inning for the Nats.  Seriously good stuff.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Spotting @darkmeathook and @dcyetti at the game, and going over to chat.  And then getting caught on the “Fan Cam”!
Who was there: Maggie and her friends Jon and Sudhir
Our Records: Maggie – 7-10; Jon – 2-0; Sudhir – 1-0
Where did we sit: Section 225, Row E.  Good view – lower to the ground, but at a decent angle to the field, and you can still see NatsHD.
What did we eat: Lots and lots of $5 happy hour beers.  But Maggie also had a grilled turkey sandwich from Dupont Deli which turned out to be delicious (some kind of raspberry vinaigrette sauce?) that came with a free bag of chips.  Not a bad deal for $8.
Promotional Items: It was Nyjer Morgan bobblehead night.  Little Tony Plush is just as eager to snag the ball as his life-sized namesake, and sports the signature slightly twisted cap and knee-socks.
President’s Race: Possibly the most heartbreaking race yet – Teddy leads through to the end…then trips about a meter before the finish line, and just LAYS there.  George comes in and steals the win.  The new faces are way too cartoony for Maggie’s liking.

Other Observations:
– The Phillies (Philthy?) fans, while maybe not quite as numerous as on opening day were still out in force.  Before the game, they were overheard complaining about our “mediocre” ballpark, the price of beer, and the lack of people who come to games.  All those fans became much more subdued when the Nats took a 3-run lead in the first inning.  After taking the lead in the 9th, a few were VERY sore losers when Zimmy won the game for us.  One girl kept repeating, “But you’re still in last place”.  Nobody denied it, but instead she was confronted with, “But what does that mean if your team loses to us twice in a row?”  Said Phillies-lady-fan was later heard shouting “I have a Masters degree!!!”  Context for this quote was never discovered.
– Speaking of Philthy behaviour – a pre-game video on acceptable stadium/game behavior was shown starring Rachel and a few Nat-Packers.  Maggie is quite sure that this video was created for the sole purpose of letting Phillies fans know that swearing, being rude and obnoxious, and SMOKING are not welcome at Nats park.
– John Isner, the winner from the longest game in the history of tennis, made an appearance before the game and threw out a ceremonial first pitch.
– One of the more interesting plays of the game occurred when Joe Blanton was hit by a pitch in the top of the 6th.  He was just trotting off to first base, when he was called out.  It turns out, he had stuck his elbow out, intentionally drawing the HBP, which is not allowed.  Fans in the stands were a little confused at the time – especially those of us without the proper sight-lines to see what happened.
– You would not believe the cheer that went up during Adam Dunn’s first at bat.  There are a lot of people in this town that are glad to see him stick around – at least through the end of the season.
– Finally – Maggie had a great time at the game, mostly because Jon and Sudhir – her two college buddies who accompanied her – had never seen her riled up at a professional sporting event.  They got the full treatment of whoops, yells, and player nicknames.  A good time was had by all.

Detwiler warms up

Dunn - still on first

Morgan watches Zimmerman during the last at-bat of the game

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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2 Responses to “July 31, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies”

  1. Sudhir Says:

    A nice time was had by all, especially the Nats Fans!

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    […] Maggie wasn’t at that game, she chose the July 31 game that featured a 3-run walk-off home-run by Ryan Zimmerman that clinched the three game series over […]

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