August 13, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Arizona Diamondbacks


Dunn watches Lannan at work

Game: #116 – Nationals vs. Diamondbacks
Starting Pitchers: John Lannan (#31, 3-3-, 4.37) vs. Joe Saunders (#34, 2-5, 4.20)
Final Score: Nationals: 4, Diamondbacks: 2
Nats New Record: 50-66
Play of the Game: Wil Nieves gets a solo homer, which is totally unexpected for him, but it was a great shot to far center field.
Player of the Game: Ryan Zimmerman has a great double in the first inning, and makes a couple spectacular plays.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Two girls in our section were up for fan of the game, and one of them won!  The girl who won argued with the Nat Pack guy who came to give her the Harris Teeter gift cards…saying she’d been promised a Ryan Zimmerman autographed baseball instead.  Sorry girl – it’s the “Harris Teeter Fan of the Game”, which means (probably – I don’t know for sure) $50 in grocery gift cards, not valuable collectibles.
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie
Our Records: Ashley – 7-8; Maggie – 8-10
Where did we sit: Section 136, Row K.  It was a great section – close to the field, a great view of the game.  We also had a fantastic usher named Richard who was all over the section making sure everyone was comfortable, and having a good time.  And he sent us a photo that he took from the game!  The seats are normally $36 apiece, but Ashley had a Groupon, and thus got a deal.
What did we eat: Maggie had a chicken and waffle sandwich (previously reviewed here), and Ashley tried out the chicken Twisters from the same vendor.  They were, in Ashley’s words, “vile”.
Promotional Items: Beer pitcher and cup set.  The pitcher isn’t so bad – Maggie’s had a slightly scratched logo – and the cups were the kind you would get a college football game.  Ashley has already used hers and likes it a lot.
President’s Race: The Presidents “celebrated” Friday the 13th by wearing “Jason” hockey masks.  Teddy led (as always), but George took the win in the end.

Other Observations:
– Ashley and Maggie got there early to take advantage of the pre-game Happy Hour that happens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Because Clint was filming nearby, they managed to make it onto the big screen, and finally got photographic evidence!
– John Lannan had a great game.  He was very consistent, and didn’t let little things get him down.

Ashley and Maggie

Presidents Race

Michael Morse plays catch

Beer Pitcher and Cup set

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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