August 14, 2010: Richmond Flying Squirrels vs Portland Sea Dogs


Game: Richmond Flying Squirrels vs Portland Sea Dogs
Starting Pitchers: Lively (2-3, 4.79) v. Rice (3-2, 3.12)
Final Score: Flying Squirrels: 5, Sea Dogs: 6

Ashley’s Record: 8-10

Another great night to be at a minor league game! The Richmond Flying Squirrels are a AA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. You wouldn’t know that by looking at the team though – their red and black uniforms proclaim them to be all Richmond. The Flying Squirrels played a pretty good game, but it went into extra innings and they lost in the 10th. The stadium wasn’t bad (no matter what the Richmond Braves thought about it, it’s still better than some), and the weather was perfect!

Ashley went with her cousin John (who lives just minutes away from “The Diamond”), and he scored the game. It was fun to watch him – Ashley hasn’t done that in about ten years and has lost most of her knowledge of how it’s done! Ashley and John sat on the first base line and had a great view of the game. Their neighbors were pretty cool too – one was a retired Negro League player and one was a Flying Squirrels season ticket holder and youth league umpire. Both were quite talkative and fun to hang out with! Now, on to the pictures…

Meet Nutzy. He’s the Flying Squirrels Mascot and 100% muscle (according to his bio). Ashley thinks he looks a little sinister, but the kids seemed to like him.

Next up, a fashion parade. Item #1: All of the players wore matching black/red striped socks. In case you haven’t noticed, Ashley has a thing for socks.

Item #2: The Sea Dogs first baseman wore his pants like a teenager… baggy.

Item #3: It was the Domino “Jersey off the Back” Auction, so the players all wore jerseys with their numbers pictures as dominoes instead of numerals. This was a nod to Flying Squirrels Chief Executive Manager Chuck Domino as well as a charity auction to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation of VA.

The crowd got to see the Sea Dogs manager get in a fight with the umpires. Their batting coach eventually got thrown out of the game. (Disclaimer: Ashley can’t identify who is in the picture below… there were several Sea Dogs getting in the faces of several umpires. Only one was ejected.)

Ashley was very excited to find that the Flying Squirrels have a great sense of humor. The night gave her a new reason to love Chick-fil-a:

The Maids sponsored the grounds crew:

And a man riding a flamingo threw hot dogs into the stand:

If you want more pictures, look for them here.

Finally, Ashley leaves you with this quote from the “A-Z” guide in the game program: “Zebra: The Flying Squirrels currently do not have a petting zoo with a zebra, however many staff members would like to see that happen.”

Now that’s a game plan fans of any team can get behind.


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