Meet the catcher!


Meet John Hester! He’s the backup catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks and went to high school with Ashley!

Ashley got to Sunday’s game early and walked down to the visitor’s bullpen. There was one D-Backs player signing autographs (everyone else was inside because of the rain). Ashley asked him if he would see if John Hester would come out and say hello. A little bit later, a tall, scruffy player walked out and started throwing a ball in the outfield. Ashley kind of waved and he waved back. She hadn’t seen him with a beard before, but he was throwing with a catchers mitt, so she was pretty certain it was him. As you can see from the high school picture, he’s grown up! It’s amazing what a difference a decade can make!

After a few minutes he came over. He did remember Ashley from high school, although he is a year younger. Ashley has always been a sports fan and was the manager for 4 years of football and 2 of baseball, so most of the players remember her as the “water girl”. Ashley and Hester chatted for a while, and the whole time he was signing autographs for fans. I guess players learn how to do that without paying attention!

Hester made it to the majors this year and doesn’t get to play a lot, but Ashley was pretty excited to see him anyway! It sounds like life is tough for a rookie player, but hopefully he’ll get more time on the field soon. To read about Hester’s major league debut, click here. (Spoiler alert: He hit a home run. Video included.)

Ashley’s brush with fame was brief, but she’s excited that someone she knows is living the dream.


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