August 27, 2010: Washington Nationals vs St Louis Cardinals


Riggleman fights for Adam Kennedy's hit

#129 – Nationals vs. Cardinals
Starting Pitchers: Scott Olsen, (#19, 1-6, 5.13) vs. Jaime Garcia, (#54, 5-2, 2.43)
Final Score: Nationals: 2, Cardinals: 4
Nats New Record: 54-79
Play of the Game: Jaime Garcia, the Cardinals pitcher was up to bat and showing the bunt.  Olsen pitched, the ball popped up, and Pudge made a FANTASTIC catch of the foul-tip to make an out that the Nats so desperately needed.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: Before the game, Ashley and I were up in the Scoreboard lounge having $5 beers, when Maggie noticed two distinct pink boxes in the area where Rachel was about to tape a segment for the pre-game show.  It turns out that the two ladies behind Georgetown Cupcake were there, promoting their business (and probably their show on Bravo).  The cupcakes looked extra tasty, and we hung around watching the taping (even though we couldn’t hear a thing due to the band behind us kicking it in to high gear) hoping to snag a cupcake or two.  We asked one of the girls in the Nat Pack, and she said “We’re not even getting cupcakes!”  We tried to make a deal with George Washington, who had come over to harass Ashley and try to get her to share her beer, but even he was unable to help us.  After the piece had finished taping, Katherine and Sophie gave one of the boxes to the Nat Pack.  We were sorely disappointed.  On a side note – there’s some kind of cupcake night for the last game of the year.  The details were flashed briefly on the big screen before the game, but we believe there are free baked goods involved.  Interested?  We know we are…
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie
Our Records: Ashley – 8-8; Maggie – 9-11
What did we eat: We got hungry for “appetizers” before the game and decided to split an order of the nachos from Hard Times Cafe, which are one of our favorite things to order in the ballpark.  The night of junk-food continued with Maggie ordering a couple slices of pizza from Flippin’ Pizza, and Ashley got blue cotton candy.  All in all, delightfully decadent.
President’s Race: Abe led the entire way, and upon winning, took out a felt-tip marker, and signed the camera lens filming him.  Abe must think he’s a star.

Other Observations:
– On our way to go order nachos, we stumbled across the wing-eating competition sponsored by Hard Times Cafe.  It was interesting to watch, and the guy who won seemed genuinely enthused to get his Nationals Prize Pack.
– During this game we witnessed one of the saddest runner-pickoffs in history.  Nyjer Morgan had led off the base, and when the pitcher threw it to first, he stumbled over his own feet, and managed to just stand there while Albert Pujols played a game of dodgeball with him, before Nyjer finally accepted that he wasn’t going to make it back to first, or to second, and allowed himself to be tagged out.  Sad.  😦  What makes this situation even sadder, is that Willie Harris (who was also pinch hitting), got a home run on the very next pitch.  If Morgan had been a little more prudent with his lead, the Nats might have had TWO runs instead of the one.
– Adam Kennedy came in as a pinch hitter in the sixth inning, with the bases loaded (see below) and hit a long ball to right field.  Unfortunately, it dropped just to the right of the foul line, but Manager Jim Riggleman came out to contest the ruling.  From where we were sitting, it looked like it could have been fair, and it would have been a game-changer.  Instead, Kennedy popped out, and the opportunity was lost.
– In this game the offense seemed to die when runners were in scoring position.  Three times, the bases were loaded with 2 outs, and neither time did our Nationals cash in on this scoring opportunity.  It’s terrible to see our guys crack under the pressure.
– The main topic of conversation around the Scoreboard Walk was the recent announcement of Stephen Strasburg’s injury and his being taken out for the year.  Die-hard fans seemed both depressed at losing our phenom for a year, but cheered by the thought that now we know what’s wrong, that the solution is a proven one, and that he’s determined to come back better than ever.  Also – that the games won’t be so crowded with bandwagon fans.

Rachel with the ladies of Georgetown Cupcake (and Abe)

Winner of the Wing-eating contest

Abe signs the camera

Cardinal with Disney Princess backpack

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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