August 28, 2010: Washington Nationals vs St Louis Cardinals


First pitch
Game: #130 – Nationals vs. Cardinals
Starting Pitchers: Livan Hernandez (#61, 3-5, 4.16) vs. Kyle Lohse (#26, 2-5, 7.93)
Final Score: Nationals: 14, Cardinals: 5
Nats New Record: 55-79
Play and Player of the Game: Adam Dunn had a great game, including a 3 run long ball that dropped into the seats just below where we sat in the outfield.
Favorite Non-baseball Moment: The pre-game Dance Party on the Scoreboard Walk!  It’s always fun to watch Nat-Packer Terrance do his thing with one of the ushers to the beats the DJ drops.  But then Teddy Roosevelt pulled Ashley from our position by the bar to come dance up by the DJ booth.  Later, all four of the Racing Presidents got up to dance the Cha-Cha slide with the crowd.  It was a fantastic evening.
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie
Our Records: Ashley – 9-8; Maggie – 10-11
Where did we sit: We tried to get there early and get cheap tickets with the intention of standing up in the Red Loft or by the ‘K’ signs to help flip them.  But it was a packed night (30K+), and the best deal we could get was in the Scoreboard area, section 239, where we were given a voucher for a free beverage.  The downside to these seats is that you can’t see the NatsHD big screen.  The other bad part about these seats was that we were inundated by Cards fans.  Fortunately, many of them left later in the game when their team was losing.
What did we eat: We both decided to try stuff out at The Pit (up near the Red Loft).  Ashley got beef sliders, and Maggie had turkey.  The $10 dish had three small sandwiches made from either sliced roast beef or roasted turkey.  Beef had a horseradish sauce with a nice tang, and turkey had a really nice gravy.  Both dishes were a good deal – filling and tasty.  The only downside was that the beef was slightly dry, but it was still something we’d both go back and get again.
Promotional Items: It was Pudge bobblehead night!  The figure is really good looking, and features the same personalized catchers gear with Pudge’s name near the neck.
President’s Race: George won, and did a little dance at the end (yes, it was really that boring).

Other Observations:
– Before the game we were hanging out with fellow twitter nats fans @DCyetti, @Darkmeathook, and @tracytran.  Tracy was sporting his awesome silver Elvis wig, and a camera guy came by and asked if he wanted to be filmed for the Fan of the Game.  Tracy went crazy – yelling at the camera.  When he showed up on the big screen during the sixth inning, Ashley and Maggie made sure to yell a lot, and he won!
– The ceremonial first pitch was done by a Marine in a wheelchair who had been hit by an IED.  He was amazing, and had one of the best first pitches I’ve seen all year.  Everyone at the park was really supportive and the cheer that went up when his pitch went right over the plate was incredible.
– There were a couple of wonky calls (Ian Desmond getting called out for running out of the baseline, Nyjer Morgan body-checking the Cards catcher and missing home plate), but it was fantastic to hear the reaction from Nats fans who didn’t know what was going on.  It’s hard to be in the park in situations like this, because no one explains to us what’s going on, and very rarely do they show a replay so that some of us who might have had our focus elsewhere for a split-second can see what actually happened.

Warm ups

Nyer in Action

President's Race

Riggleman Argues

Sleeping Cutie

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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