September 10, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins


Morgan cops a squat
Game: #141 – Nationals vs. Marlins
Starting Pitchers: John Lannan (#31, 5-4, 4.34) vs. Alex Sanabia (#59, 4-1, 3.83)
Final Score: Nationals: 1, Marlins: 3
Nats New Record: 60-81
Play of the Game: At the top of the ninth, with a Marlin on first, a ball was hit to the far right corner.  Maxwell tracked it down, threw it to Danny Espinosa, who rocketed the ball to Pudge who was waiting at home to tag out Logan Morrison who was barreling towards home.  He made the play, and for a moment, it didn’t matter that the Nats were about to lose – THAT was baseball.  See it happen here.
First Runner-up Play of the Game: Desmond made a throw to Adam Dunn at first base. The throw was a little high, but Adam leapt, and with his tall frame, managed to snag the ball and drop down on the bag a split second before the runner got there.  Caught on film by Ashley.
Second Runner-up Play of the Game: In the sixth inning, Nyjer Morgan made an AMAZING diving catch.  Seriously – dove to the ground, and did a side-roll with the ball still clutched in his glove.  Ashley would have taken a beautiful picture of that moment…if someone hadn’t walked in front of her at that EXACT second.  Talk about photographer’s heartbreak!  Relive the catch here.
Who was there: Ashley, Maggie, and Maggie’s parents
Our Records: Ashley – 9-9; Maggie – 10-13
Where did we sit: We were in Section 135, fairly low down. These are good seats, but we really preferred being one section over in 136 (or even 137), since you’re closer to the field, and the sight-lines are better for photography.
What did we eat: Ashley tackled the Rough Rider (which was delicious and sloppy, especially since it fell off it’s bone), and Maggie endured the line at Five Guys for a delicious greasy burger and fries.
Promotional Items: Since it was Hispanic Heritage night, members of the Nat Pack, the Racing Presidents, and front office staff could be seen around the stadium handing out the Los Nacionales t-shirt.
President’s Race: Teddy had the lead, with Abe and Tom close behind. It looked like he might actually make it all the way to the finish line, but after turning the corner, he Abe and Tom all stopped to hand out Los Nacionales t-shirts to fans in our area.

Other Observations:
It was Hispanic Heritage night at the Park.  We didn’t get there in time for salsa lessons at the Scoreboard Lounge, but we did get there in time to snag free Los Nacionales t-shirts.  It was also neat to see the interstitial videos featuring great Hispanic players, narrated en Español.
– Maggie was really disappointed that she didn’t have the chance to video José Ortega, Washington National Opera tenor, sing the National Anthem.  He has been one of the most impressive anthem singers of the season so far.
– A guy in our section was wearing a Nationals red sombrero (featuring a curly W), shaking maracas to pump up the crowd.  He was filmed as a possible fan-of-the-game, but disappointingly did not make it to NatsHD.
– It was a beautiful night at Nationals Park, with fireworks to follow, but the park seemed half empty.  COME ON PEOPLE.  It’s major league baseball.  Tickets are cheap.  If you get there before first pitch, there are $5 beers, which is a pretty good happy hour deal.  The team, while not the best, is exciting to watch, and makes great plays while usually keeping things close.  Get out here and support the team you wanted so desperately!

Maracas man

Dunn with his Starting 9 player

George and Teddy

Screech flashes the crowd

The dugout

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)


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