September 12, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins


Adam Dunn bubbles
Game: #143 – Nationals vs. Florida Marlins
Starting Pitchers: Jordan Zimmermann (#27, 0-1, 5.29) vs. Chris Volstad (#41, 5-1, 5.53)
Final Score: Nationals: 5, Marlins: 6
Nats New Record: 60-83
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie
Our Records: Ashley – 9-10; Maggie – 10-14
Where did we sit: We started out in Maggie’s season ticket seats, but as the afternoon wore on, things got a little cool and windy.  We looked across the stadium, and section 136 was bathed in light and sunshine.  Our usher friend Richard had sent an email saying to stop by any time, and so we made our way down after the 7th inning stretch to spend the rest of the game feeling a little warmer.
What did we eat: Wandering around before the game we smelled something delicious, and finally decided it was coming from the Max’s Kosher Grill.  Maggie had a falafel, and Ashley had the shawarma, and both were delicious, and very well priced.  Ashley especially liked the little pickles, and the cucumber/tomato mix that came with it.  Later, Maggie had vanilla soft-serve, and Ashley had a double scoop of chocolate and cookies & cream gelato.
President’s Race: These races aren’t changing much – Teddy leads, Abe comes from behind, and then tonight George took it all.  Perhaps the people behind the President’s Race need to change things up a little.  Maybe…actually letting Teddy win?

Other Observations:
– This is the first time that Ashley or Maggie has had a chance to see Jordan Zimmerman pitch.  They had tickets last year to his showdown with Randy Johnson (who would go on to get his 300th win), but that night was a rainout, and they couldn’t attend the make-up day game that happened the next afternoon.

– Sunday was “Kids Run the Show” day. As you can see from the pictures below (and in the rest of the album), they were adorable! That teeny little kid in the first picture threw out the first pitch, Clint and the Nats Pack had little shadows, and a young girl did an amazing rendition of the National Anthem. The stadium announcer also had a friend, and the boy got to read the lineup before the game. He did a great job! We also loved how much time and attention the players spent on the kids in the “starting nine” before the first inning. Having kids on the field before the game isn’t limited to one day a season, but it’s always cool to see the players interacting with them (especially 6’6″ Adam Dunn with the smallest kid on the field, tall socks Nyjer Morgan with a shy looking girl decked out in pink, and Ryan Zimmerman and the umpire with the boy at 3rd base).

– It was a very slow game (despite the cute start), and the Nationals didn’t play spectacularly well, so instead of talking about that – we’ll give you a LOT of pictures.

Screech and first pitch thrower

Terrance gets excited

Starting 9 kid talks to Adam Dunn

Zimmerman and Umpire talk to starting 9 kid

Zimmermann pitching

Morgan running

Happy Willie Harris

Morgan makes a catch

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)
(videos from this and other games can be seen here)

Edited to add: Correction on the number of games Randy Johnson pitched and an explanation of “Kids Run the Show”.


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4 Responses to “September 12, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins”

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  2. Laney Says:

    The kids are so cute! And your food always sounds so delicious. I’m going to have to come visit you during baseball season some time, Ashley!

  3. Margy Geitz Says:

    Very nice post.

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