September 25, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves


Game: #155 (of 162) ā€“ Nationals vs Braves
Starting Pitchers: Yunesky Maya vs Derek Lowe
Final Score: Nationals: 0, Braves: 5
Nats New Record: 66-89

Who was there: Ashley, her brother, and her two paternal cousins
Our Record: Ashley – 11-11
Where did we sit: Section 209, which was awesome. The seats were cushy, we were in the shade (it was HOT), and the sight lines were good for pictures!
What did we eat: Ashley and her brother split the nachos grande. They were pretty good, what can I say about nachos? The cousins got a pulled pork sandwich at Teddy’s BBQ and reported that it was excellent.

It wasn’t a great game for the Nats, so here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Ashley played “By the Numbers” before the game started (mainly because there were very fews fans already at the game, and no one else was willing to play). “By the Numbers” ask questions like “What is Harris multiplied by Bernadina?” Answer? Dunn. (22 x 2 = 44). So, it’s a really hard game. Ashley has never been quick on the draw with trivia, so she did not win this game. To be honest, it was not a matter of skill, it was a matter of speed. The prompt sheet had the answers highlighted, and both of the contestants could see it. After being tied 2-2, the other player got his hand up an instant before Ashley and won two tickets to the Nationals Dream Foundation Gala! To add insult to injury, the next game was “Dunn or Danny?”, which Ashley would have dominated. Oh well…

Ashley wasn’t the only one with some pre-game fun! Tweetup friend Kevin (@DCYetti) won a sweepstakes and had the opportunity to walk the lineup card out on the field. In addition, he had access to the President’s Club and tickets behind home plate. More pictures of his MLB debut are here.

Someone please explain this to me. Any MLB or MiLB players reading the blog? I’ve seen multiple teams where the pitchers walk out to the bullpen with pink and purple princess backpacks on. Do they get them from their daughters? It it some sort of MLB hazing ritual for the new guys?

Nyjer Morgan came back from his suspension and immediately hit a double. I strongly suspect that he doesn’t have fun unless his uniform is dirty, so he slid into second to start the game off right.

There were at least three instances of bats slipping out of players hands during this game. One went into the stands, one flew toward the dugout, and this one landed near 3rd base. Crazy!

The Presidents and Nats Pack had a relay race. The Nats Pack members started in center field and ran over to the bullpen to tag the presidents. Tom won this one too.

I liked this picture because you can see the ball in Dunn’s glove. Usually by the time my camera shutter closes, the ball is already out of sight.

Finally, it was a beautiful day! You only have four chances left to watch the Nats this season, so come down to the park!

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)


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4 Responses to “September 25, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves”

  1. Dave at Nats News Network Says:

    the backpacks are rookie hazing. most teams do that, and make their rookies dress up in costumes or women’s clothes on the last road trip of the season.

  2. Laney Says:

    I want nachos!!

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