September 26, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves


Game: #156 (of 162) – Nationals vs. Braves
Starting Pitchers: Livan Hernandez vs. Brandon Beachy
Final Score: Nationals: 4, Braves: 2
Nats New Record: 67-89

Play of the Game: Perhaps not the most interesting or game-changing play, but I loved watching Bernadina snag a fly ball two feet in front of me! I rarely get to see plays happening that close, and he made it look easy.

Player of the Game: Again, a position I don’t usually watch very closely, but I had a great view for  – Gonzalez gets the nod for showing really great hustle at 3rd. I’ve been sitting in RF a lot, and so I generally pay more attention to what’s happening at 1st, but it was fun to watch Gonzalez play.

Favorite Non-baseball Moment: The Bobby Cox tribute before first pitch. As you may have noticed, Ashley grew up a Braves fan. And, to her, the Braves were Bobby Cox. In fact, he’s been coaching the team longer than she has been alive. So, it was neat to see everyone make a fuss over him. The Nats ran a video about his history as both a coach and a player on the big screen, and then Cox was presented with a flag that was flown over the US Capitol in his honor. Cox is notoriously modest about all of the tributes he has been getting, so there weren’t any fancy speeches or anything. However, after the presentation, the Navy marching band came out into the outfield and performed a few songs.

Who was there: Ashley and her brother
Our Records: Ashley – 12-11
Where did we sit: Ashley hopped online Saturday night and was able to snag half price tickets in the LF corner. Our seats ended up being two rows back from the field, so they were excellent. We were looking down the third base line and we had Bernadina right in front of us. Also, if you want to try to snag a foul ball, this is the section to be in. They were raining down all around us!
What did we eat: Ashley tried the Hard Times boneless wings. They were chunks of chicken drenched in buffalo sauce. They were spicy, but not really what Ashley ended up being in the mood for.

President’s Race: The Grinch stole Teddy’s lead!
Other Observations: In addition to the Cox tribute, there was a lot going on at the ballpark on Sunday. First, they were celebrating Sukkot and had a rabbi throw out a ceremonial first pitch (sorry, no good pictures, but I love it that his red Nats cap was in Hebrew).

It was also Scout day, so they Nats gave away patches and let the winner of the patch design contest throw out the other first pitch. Scouts were also the Starting Nine. Looking across the seats, you could see patches of tan and olive all over the place.

Finally, it was “Signature Sunday” before the game. There were two tables of players set up in the concourse (with Stammen, Radison, Detwiler, and Storen). The lines were long, so Ashley didn’t wait to get anything signed, but it was fun to see the players.

(the rest of the album from this game can be seen here)


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One Response to “September 26, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves”

  1. Laney Says:

    Love the pics! Though I have to say it would have been lovely if you’d gotten a shot of the Navy marching band from behind…

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