September 29, 2010: Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies (Last Home Game)

First Ladies with the Front Office
Game: #159 – Nationals vs. Phillies
Starting Pitchers: Ross Detweiler (#48, 1-3, 4.25) vs. Joe Blanton (#56, 5-0, 3.06)
Final Score: Nationals: 1, Phillies: 7
Nats New Record: 68-91
Play of the Game: We would like to go with the Nats only run, but oddly the crowd didn’t seem into it. Yes, we were still sitting in the Phillies section for that play, but it did not seem like anyone other than us was very excited. In fact, Ashley turned to Maggie and said, “Did anyone notice that we scored a run?”
Players of the Game: The entire team! Even though they didn’t win, they all came out of the dugout after the game to recognize the fans and toss stuff into the stands. Being short, Maggie and Ashley couldn’t really see through the mass of people (or take pictures), but it was a nice gesture on the part of the team.
Adam Dunn blows a bubble
Favorite Non-baseball Moment:
At the bottom of the ninth, Adam Dunn stepped up to the plate and the fans exploded. Everyone was on their feet clapping, cheering, and chanting “Sign Adam Dunn”. It was great to be in the middle of a crowd that was both pro-Nats and excited about Dunn. Even though he struck out, he got a standing ovation walking back to the dugout.
Who was there: Ashley and Maggie
Our (FINAL) Records: Ashley – 12-12; Maggie – 12-15
View from Section 143
Where did we sit:
Our original seats were in Section 143 – at the far left side of the outfield, right behind Nyjer Morgan.  Normally, these seats would be in the “just ok” category – you can’t see the big screen, and it’s harder to follow the game from (close to) ground level when you’re way in the back.  On the plus side – you can actually kind of tell when pitches are balls and strikes, and Nyjer Morgan (who we love) is RIGHT THERE, miming and having fun with the fans.  Unfortunately for us, there were a few too many
Phillies fans in this section that evening who just made it unbearable.  We moved to the top of Section 129, and had a better view, and a more enjoyable experience for the second half of the game.
What did we eat: All the concession stands were running out of food – Ashley wanted a veggie burger, but they were out (no hot dogs either), so she had a regular cheeseburger.  Maggie wanted cheese fries (and barring that, a soft pretzel with cheese), but there were no cheese fries nearby, and the soft pretzels were sold out, so nachos it was.  Fortunately, they both had signed up to be designated drivers, and thus got free small sodas (which were slightly more generous given that we used Ashley’s reusable plastic Nats cups that came in the pitcher set).
Promotional Items: Knit caps (Maggie refuses to call it a beanie, despite it being one).  Navy blue with red and white stripes and a curly W.  They looked suspiciously like they would not fit at all, but when tried on, they were surprisingly stretchy, and welcome on the cold, damp night of the last home Nats game.
Running past
President’s Race:
Abe led the entire race, and took his third straight racing championship.  To this we say, “Boo hiss!  Let ANYONE ELSE win!”  Maggie was rooting for George (for a win), and Ashley for Tom (to create a 3-way tie, and thus put Teddy in “second”).

Nyjer Morgan slides into second
Other Observations:
– We went to the Georgetown Cupcake Party on the rooftop deck, but we have enough pictures and stories for another post.
– We had a chance to say goodbye to a lot of our favorite people around the park – Richard, our favorite usher in section 137; Clint, in-game host extraordinaire; Nicole, our favorite ticket sales rep; and even Stan Kasten and Mike Rizzo!
– Maggie was in a foul mood during the game – was it the weather?  The obnoxious Phillies fans?  Too much sugar at the cupcake party?  Our best guess is feeling the impending doom of no Nats home baseball games for 6 months.
Dear Nyjer Morgan, where are your tall socks?! Love, the First Ladies
– Although Maggie was displeased with the weather, it actually turned out to be a great night. The rain stopped during the pre-game party, and it held off until Ashley made it back to her car. It was a bit chilly, but we had our new caps to keep us warm!

(full album from this game can be seen here)
(more videos from this game and others can be seen here)

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