Georgetown Cupcake Rooftop Deck Cupcake Party


Tower o'cupcakes

Cupcake Party on the Rooftop Deck hosted by Georgetown Cupcake.
Event summary: It started out with tables with towers of delicious cupcakes in the middle.  Maggie and Ashley decided to split the little cakes in order to try as many types as possible.  The first one we tried was a seasonal flavor – caramel apple.  This was Ashley’s favorite.  The next one we tried was the salted caramel on Katherine’s recommendation.  Maggie loved that one since she’s a sucker for caramel anything.  Then someone said there were red velvet to be had so the ladies snagged the last one.

Buttercream demo

There were boxes with forms to be filled out for a raffle drawing (spoiler alert: neither Ashley nor Maggie won anything), and a demonstration on how to make buttercream frosting.  As Ashley is the baker of the pair, she took careful watch (and lots of pictures).  After the demo the (relatively small) group moved to the other side of the tent for a frosting demo.  Sophie showed the crowd how to create the signature Georgetown Cupcake swirl.  Then the attendees were let loose on tables of plain cupcakes with bags of frosting and decorating supplies.  We chatted with Andres who showed us that a bigger piping tip would make the frosting look even better, and Yasmin, who had a lot of “backstage” information about the reality of life at a big-time bakery.  Both Sophie and Katherine came by during the decorating, and were nothing but kind and gracious, and even stayed and chatted for a while.

Rizzo enjoys a cupcake

Maggie and Ashley made 4 cupcakes each and put them in the signature pink boxes, and then proceeded to make one more each for additional snackage.  Around this time, the raffle drawing began, and as everyone was crowded at the end of the tent, Maggie noticed someone.  Or rather – someONES.  Mike Rizzo, General Manager of the Nationals organization, and Stan Kasten, outgoing team President.  We even managed to snag a photo of Rizzo enjoying one of the cupcakes.  If you were wondering during the game where all Kasten’s goodbye cupcakes came from, now you know.  Also, as a bit of confession – the photo from the top of our last post was taken after this event when Maggie screwed up the courage to approach both men and ask if she and Ashley could have a photo.  They were (obviously) happy to oblige.

The Cupcake ladies with the First ladies

All in all, a fun event, and one we would probably attend again if offered in the future.  Lots of cupcakes free for the eating, the fun of learning about the baking and decorating process, and a hosting staff that were nothing but helpful and friendly!

Self-decorated cupcake
Maggie unhinges her jaw
(for more pictures from this event, please see this album)


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