Post-Season Roundup: Food, Seats and Singers


Today we tackle a few of the topics that a baseball-going person might be concerned about before the game even starts.


View from Club Level

  1. Favorite Cheap Seats (less than $20)

    1. Grandstand seating: These seats are way up high, but you don’t have to actually sit there – enjoy the beer and view from the Red Loft (as close as the Nats get to standing room only). The only downside is getting there early enough to snag one before they’re gone. [$5]
    2. Upper Infield Gallery: These seats are on the same level as the Grandstand but provide a better, more central view of the game.  409 allows you to see the organist at work, and sections 416 and 417 are hot spots for upgraded seats. [$18]
  2. Best Value Seats
    1. Left or Right Field Corner.  Closer to ground level, good food options on the lower level, excellent view. [$36]
    2. Center field Lounge. Regularly $56, but comes with $15 of food value (+waiters), so really costs only $41, and you don’t have to get up for food.  If you can get this one on a discount, it makes an even better deal. [$56]
  3. Best Splurge Seats (more than $60)
    1. Diamond Club (duh).  Comes with $35 of value, but costs $170.  Fantastic cushy seats, have “waiters”, great view (though it’s through the net), and you see the pitches well, hear the players, and hear the calls as they happen! [$170]
    2. Home-side dugout box (the lower part of 127-131) – you’re close to the team, get to see them trot in and out, and again – close in on the action, but now, not blocked by the net. [$75]
    3. Club seats are fun – more choices in food in the Stars and Stripes club, cushy seats, great atmosphere, people up there are friendly – again the problem of net and wires, but if you sit on the edges of the Infield club (or go to the 1st/3rd base club), then the view is still fantastic, if not as close in. [$65]


Hard Times Cafe Nachos

  1. Best Value (most bang for your buck)
    1. Shrimp po’boy from the Triple Play grill.  Ashley had this at the Strasburg game, and loved it then –  lots of food for a non-obscene amount of money. [$9]
    2. The Rough Rider is kind of expensive.  BUT, it is more meat than you would expect, and it is covered in delicious barbecue sauce.  An experience, and one we recommend tackling at least once. [$12]
    3. Max’s kosher grill is a small stand near the stairs/escalator up to the Scoreboard walk.  Somewhat overlooked, but not lacking in delicious, tasty, CHEAP (for the ballpark) foods.  There are both meat and vegetarian options (kosher meats and falafel!). [$6-8]
  2. Tastiest Ballpark Food
    1. Max’s Kosher Grill – what can we say?  It was that good.
    2. Pit Beef/Turkey sliders from “The Pit” up near the Red Loft. As far as ballpark food goes, these were pretty good.
    3. Hard Times Café nachos.  So good.  SO, so good.  You can share them as an appetizer, or eat a whole portion by yourself as a meal.  Yum.
  3. Desserts
    1. The dessert cart in the Stars and Stripes club.  Maggie only had the Smore’s cake, but man, was that good.  Creative takes on standard desserts, but with flair, and generous portions.
    2. Churros (from the Nutty Bavarian).  Cinnamon, sugar and textured fried dough.  What else do you need?
    3. Cinnamon-roasted nuts (from the Nutty Bavarian).  These are Maggie and Ashley’s most constant purchase.  They’re always delicious smelling, and never seem like a mistake.

Favorite Anthem Singers

  1. Glenn Donnellan – he will bring goosebumps to your arms, and a smile to your heart.  Anyone with an electric violin carved out of a baseball bat is awesome in our books.
  2. D.C. Washington – not only does he have the most awesomely appropriate name, but this man has the most amazing set of pipes.
  3. Adalia Jimenez – 12 years old, but can belt out the anthem like a woman twice her age.
  4. HONORABLE MENTION: Jaared, saxophonist –  Everyone at Strasburg’s debut was not expecting a lot – something more along the lines of Kenny G.  But then we were all treated to an amazing jazz-almost-rock rendition of the anthem.  By the end, everyone was on their feet, pretenses dropped, and stereotypes broken.

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