Post-Season Roundup: Promotional Items and Nat Pack Stuff


Dancing Terrance

Today we take a look at the promotional items that the Nats handed out over the course of the season, and our favorite professional fans – the Nat Pack!  Also – if you have yet to take our end-of season blog survey, you can find it here.

Promotional Items

Kids ringer tee

  1. Coolest items: While Maggie made the joke that the choice should be the cooler that was given out in May (get it?  COOLer?), Ashley pointed out that the “Clipp and Save” t-shirt was actually a more interesting and fun promotional item.
  2. Most useful: The cup and pitcher set!  Ashley used her cups all the time at Nats games to get ice, and Maggie is looking forward to using the pitcher for lemonade, or sangria, or whatever.
  3. Best t-shirt: This was another tough choice.  Maggie loves the long sleeve “Mr. Walkoff t-shirt, but Ashley pointed out that you wouldn’t be able to wear it to the park as much during the season.  So that left us with the kids ringer t-shirt that says “Washington Nationals”.  Don’t be jealous just because we’re small enough to fit in XL kids sizes.  🙂
  4. Best bobblehead: There were three to choose from this year – silver and gold Zim, Nyjer Morgan, and Pudge Rodriguez.  We chose the T. Plush bobble because he has a very serious expression on his face, and his figure has the greatest amount of action.

Nat Pack & In-game Promotions

Ashley wins One Red Cup

  1. Best pre-game game: As good as Maggie is at trivia, both she and Ashley love to see (and play) One Red Cup.  It’s like a race, and it’s very silly, and seems easier than it was.  Plus – Ashley won her prize pack from it!
  2. Best in-game promotion: Maggie is hated by nearly everyone because she got our winner – the Lucky Seat Upgrade.  There is nothing like going from nosebleed seats to actually being able to hear the players and umpire talk, and to see the players up close.  Plus – it comes with $35 of value on the ticket.  Can’t beat that!
  3. Best between-inning game: Ashley has no opinions (she’s usually too busy taking pictures), but Maggie thought the Nick’s Sausage toss was hilarious.  How often do you get to see people throwing (fake) meat products against each others heads?
  4. Worst in-game promotion: Thirst Row.  Hands down.  Who thought that up?  It’s just an extended beer commercial!
  5. Favorite NatsHD moment: Screech goes skydiving!
  6. Worst NatsHD moment: The dueling piano bar dance.  I’m not even saying the name of the place, because it’s just terrible.  The song is bad.  The dance is bad.  The video is horrific.
  7. Favorite Nat-Packer: Terrance!  He’s always super happy, full of energy, and tries to get the crowd into the game.  He dances during the Happy Hour, and is willing to wear wigs, and wave flags.  (See picture at top of post).

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