Post-season Roundup: Best and Worst Games, plus some Miscellany


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We are arriving at the end of our end of season write-ups.  We have just a few more things to comment about, and then we’ll treat you to a photo post (which always seems more fun)!  As another reminder, if you’re reading our blog regularly (or have read our archives and have an opinion), please take our end of season survey so that the First Ladies can make this blog better for you in the season to come!


Best Games

  1. The consensus best game was the Strasburg debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 8.  A beautiful night, a spectacular debut, fantastic offensive hitting from many members of the team, and an evening that ended before the First Ladies’ self-imposed 9:30 “bed-time”.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.
  2. On July 27, it was t-shirt Tuesday, and Stephen Strasburg was expected to start.  He was pulled at the last moment, and Miguel Batista stepped up and pitched a great game.  Many fans attendees complained, but having “Miss Iowa” step up without signs of pressure and having the rest of the team show no signs of strain proved that the team didn’t need their rookie phenom to win games.  Bonus: Ashley won a pre-game session of “One-Red-Cup”.
  3. This is actually a tie, because Maggie and Ashley did not attend all of the same games – they decided to each pick an individual favorite.  Ashley’s vote went to the September 24 game which featured an inside the park home-run by Willie Harris and two homeruns plus 5 RBIs by Adam Dunn.
  4. Since Maggie wasn’t at that game, she chose the July 31 game that featured a 3-run walk-off home-run by Ryan Zimmerman that clinched the three game series over the Phillies.  It was also Nyjer Morgan bobblehead night, and you can’t go wrong with awesome promotional items!

Batista on the mound

Worst Games

  1. It’s horrible to say this – but Opening Day.  Being overrun by Philthy fans, and then having to suffer a horrible loss was NOT the way to start the season.
  2. The very next game that we attended was the April 7 debut of Jason Marquis.  In the write-up you’ll see that we said it was a lot better than opening day, but as you can see, there wasn’t much that had to be done to improve.  Marquis has a poor showing, the stadium was still overrun with Phillies fans, and the loss continued a streak that did not make us optimists.
  3. There weren’t a lot of spectacularly bad games this year, but one of the more frustrating games was the September 12 game against the Marlins.  The game seemed un-endingly long, and had a disappointing end to a game that was supposed to be a cheerful first viewing of Jordan Zimmermann for Ashley and Maggie.


  • The new opening montage was fantastic!  The world of DC baseball depicted on an actual baseball featuring monuments and landmarks, with video highlights of the team in black, white and red.  
  • We love the switch from the late inning music interlude of “Sweet Caroline” (which really, belongs to the Boston Red Sox) to Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual”, especially when the fan cam found fans doing the infamous “Carlton Dance”.
  • What were your favorite Nats moments this season?

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3 Responses to “Post-season Roundup: Best and Worst Games, plus some Miscellany”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Favorite moment was the debut of the Bobby McKeys song….

  2. Tracy Tran Says:

    Besides Strasburg, it had to be the August 28th game against the St. Louis Cardinals. It was the day Pujols and LaRussa went to the Glenn Beck rally, and then get crushed by the Nats that night. It was the Nats 100th win at Nats Park and scored the most runs at home. There was another thing that happened that night (It wasn’t Nyjer running to the catcher).

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