Tour of Nationals Stadium


Ashley and Maggie took the day off last month and headed down to the ballpark to check out the new uniforms and help Ashley pick out season ticket seats. After that was taken care of, they decided to tour the ballpark as well!

Verdict on the new uniforms? Both of the First Ladies like the emphasis on the Curly W. It’s always been a favorite part of the Nats branding, and the girls are glad it will be more prominent. Neither Ashley nor Maggie was fond of the flag W on the blue alternate jerseys (the piping makes the w too chunky), but they loved the script Nationals across the away jerseys.

Ticket guru Nicole (@NatsTix) took Maggie and Ashley around the stadium to give Ashley an opportunity to see the view from different seats. There were only a few areas that Ashley had not sat in before, but it’s still a hard call on where to call home next season. Ashley’s hoping that Santa will leave tickets under the tree…

There was some promotional filming/photography going on in the infield while the First Ladies walked around the ball park. From the looks of things, the Nats were making sure they had stock footage of key players in the new uniform. Zimmerman was out for a while, then Lannan took the field. (An aside – once again, Maggie and Ashley weren’t able to visit the bullpen on a stadium tour!)

The tour was very comprehensive (and lots of fun!). The tour guide was slightly chagrined that there weren’t very many places that Ashley & Maggie had not been, but they still learned a lot and had a great time. We saw:

The only clear view of the Washington Monument…

The Shirley Povich Media Center (and had lunch there too! These are pins from some of the World Series games Povich covered)…

What a panel from the scoreboard looks like in person…

The view inside and outside the infield club level, PNC Diamond seats, Lexus Presidents Club (above),  and a private suite…. and much, much more! Click here to view the rest of the pictures!



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