Waiting for Spring


As our DC readers are aware, there is snow everywhere! However, the First Ladies have been keeping warm by thinking about all the baseball that’s starting soon. What? You don’t think that baseball starts until March 31? Here are some of the events we have our eyes on:

College baseball starts up on February 18. There are four local teams that we’re hoping to go see: Georgetown, George Mason, George Washington, and Maryland. If you have any suggestions for other local college teams, let us know! Or, if you’re interested in joining us for a game or two, we’re open to that as well. 🙂

Auditions to be a Racing President are scheduled for Saturday, February 19. Neither of the First Ladies are trying out (we’re both too short), but if it’s possible we might try to sneak in and watch the tryouts.

Probably the biggest thing we have going on is that Maggie will be heading down to Florida the weekend of March 11 for some sunshine and spring training. Expect a full report from her on how the team looks and how nice it is to be back at a Nats game.

On the flip side, neither one of us will probably be at Nats Fest. Taking two days in a row off work just isn’t an option for either of us right now…

…because we’ll both be at opening day! Both Maggie and Ashley are Season Ticket Holders this year, and they’re both really excited about it! Both of the First Ladies plan on bringing their dads to the game, so expect lots of pictures and a full report.


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