Ahh, spring… that glorious time of year when our thoughts turn to cherry trees and balmy breezes. Wait? High of 45 and 50% change of rain on Opening Day?

If you’re anything like the First Ladies, the thrill of baseball outweighs the wintry weather, but we’d still like to sweeten the pot and give you an extra incentive to have fun at the game tomorrow. We put our heads together and came up with Opening Day Bingo! We’ve provided a link below to four .pdf files, which contain five bingo cards each. Pick a random card and bring it with you to the game. We’ll all play along and hope to win! If you’re on Twitter, use #natsbingo to let us know if you’ve crossed off any squares. Non-twitter folks can bring extra cards and share with their neighbors. If you’re not able to make it to the park tomorrow, feel free to play along on TV!

See you at the ballgame!


5 Responses to “Bingo!”

  1. Dave at Nats News Network Says:

    Bravo! Simply awesome idea! “Any Black Eyed Peas Song Played”. Genius 🙂

  2. chris Says:

    Very cool, suggestion make them 4 pages per file, then I can print 4 pages on 1!

    Is it a *rule* that you can’t count yourself for squares, e.g. I’ll have the give-away hat (ok, a freebie anyway), and a digital camera, wearing 3 pieces of Nats gear – doubt I’ll hit a homerun though!

    • Maggie Says:

      Ashley created the cards using free software, so thats the reason for 5 cards to a file. As for rules, since there’s no real prize (other than the joy of yelling bingo), feel free to count yourself. But also swing by sections 306 and 308, so we can count you too!

  3. Shoshana Says:

    Sorry, too cold today for my Nats dress, but I own one (the polo shirt style one).

  4. March 31, 2011: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves (Opening Day) « First Ladies of Baseball Says:

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