April 3, 2011: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves

Game: #003 – Nationals vs. Braves
Starting Pitchers: Jordan Zimmermann (#27) vs Tim Hudson (#15)
Final Score: Nationals: 2, Braves: 11
Nats New Record: 1-2

Would you look at that! It was sunny and blue for the start of the game! Unfortunately, it was a bit gloomier by the end. Let us walk you through it…

Jordan Zimmermann appeared on the mound for the Nationals, rocking the tall socks. He was pretty steady for six innings, although three runs were scored under his watch. However, the runs could not be blamed on him, as our defense did not bring their A-game today.

We thought Jayson Werth would be the big story of the game, but then the 8th inning happened (more on that later). In the 1st, Werth got on base (walked) and made his way to 2nd. After a long ball was hit, he took off towards 3rd, but the Braves 3rd baseman blocked his way. This prompted Ashley to scream, “Chipper’s a thug,” as Werth rounded 3rd and headed towards home. He was tagged out, but the umpires awarded the Nats a run for interference. This tied the game and gave the fans something to talk about for a few innings. Then…

In the 7th, Coffey came to the mound. He lasted four batters, then turned the pitching over to…

Doug Slaten, who closed out the inning. In the 8th, we were treated to…

Brian Broderick, in his MLB debut. Poor guy was nervous, and it showed. We hope he settles down a bit and has a successful career. Today, though, he just couldn’t pull it together. However, Ashley was pleased to finally see a balk, even though it cost us a run. It would have been nice if this teaching moment had come from the Braves bullpen. Broderick was pulled after six batters and we watched…

Chad Gaudin as he closed out the inning. Finally. The 8th inning was long and painful to watch. The Braves padded their lead with six runs, putting them ahead of the Nats by 10. We, of course, started wondering if MLB had a mercy rule, and if so, could we invoke it. In another learning experience, Ashley discovered what to do in her score book if a team bats around (answer: move on to the next inning’s slots).
Finally, the 9th inning arrived and we watch Drew Storen put away three in a row. If you’re keeping track, you’ll notice that we saw half of the Nats bullpen in one afternoon. It was a roller-coaster to be sure, but I think this about sums it up (with apologies to Ernest Thayer):
Oh, somewhere in this favored land  the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Natstown – for the ballgame was a rout.


Note: we may return to our regular post-style in the near future so we can tell you about the interesting new foods that we tried.  In the mean time, please visit the full album for this game, or visit the video page (where Maggie promises to upload her new videos as soon as she can).

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