April 27, 2011: Washington Nationals vs New York Mets


Game: #023 – Nationals vs. Mets
Starting Pitchers: Tom Gorzelanny (0-2, 4.96) vs. R.A. Dickey (1-3, 4.10)
Final Score: Nationals: 3, Mets: 6

Wednesday night was game 23 of the Nationals 2011 season.  23 is Maggie’s lucky number, but luck wasn’t enough to turn the game around.  It was an odd kind of night, and since neither Maggie nor Ashley stayed for the entire game, we’ll review the most interesting points.

1. Rain delay.  And not just a rain delay – a tornado warning delay.  Obviously a funnel cloud did not appear over the stadium, but there was storm damage in other parts of the area (and a lot of damage and loss of life in other parts of the country).  This sort of dramatic weather does not provide a cheerful setting for a baseball game.  It was interesting that fans were not encouraged to get under cover. Although we did not think of it at the time, if there really were tornadoes in the area we probably should not have been hanging out in the Red Loft. However, we did get to watch the Giants take on the Pirates during the delay – the previous Nats opponent versus their next (after the Mets).

2. The rain delay gave us plenty of time to sample some tasty food.  Maggie tried the jerk chicken from the Jammin Island BBQ stand up near the Red Loft, which came with two sides (fried plantains and another she wasn’t sure what it was – a little salty, sort-of like fries? – but also very tasty).  Just spicy enough, and a lot of food for $10.  Ashley went with the old standby of nachos from Hard Times Cafe, and a Blue Moon beer, which sadly, did not come with an orange slice. Later in the game Maggie tried the chocolate chip cookie dough Dippin Dots, but decided they are not nearly as good as cookies & cream.

3. Another advantage of the rain delay is one more chance to see the grounds crew in action. Ashley decided that if she ever wanted to completely switch careers, it’s something she might consider.

4. We made our way up to our seats, and Maggie grabbed a stack of All-Star Ballots.  Vote early, and vote often is her motto.  Also – you can vote for Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham (ex-Nats whom we love) on the American league side.  And if you want to copy Maggie’s style, be sure to write in Wilson Ramos as all-star catcher.  That kid’s got promise!

5. A shout-out to the George Mason trumpet ensemble, who performed a stirring version of the national anthem.  Someday Maggie will actually get around to uploading all her game videos to youtube, and that one will be featured proudly.

6. Rick Ankiel’s at-bat music is hilarious, and Ashley made the comment that she felt like she should have glow-sticks and rapid dance moves.  Yes, we’re digging his rave-a-licious tune. (Sorry – no pictures of players at bat for this game. There were folks sitting directly in front of Ashley and blocking her view of the plate. This also made it tough to keep score…)

7. We met up with Clint and the Nat Pack just before they found the section where they gave away the umbrellas that will be given away at Saturday’s game.  You know Clint is a good guy when he a) remembers random fans who say hi a lot, and b) remembers their little brother, who was at the game where he and Maggie got the lucky seat up grade.  This is also why he has had that job for so long.

8. On the drive home, Maggie heard the play called as Jose Reyes tried to turn a double into a triple, and threw a tantrum when he was called out after being called safe.  Further review of the play showed that he should have been safe (and thus, the tantrum was justified), but moments like that make Maggie sad when she has to leave a game early.

(full album from this game can be seen here)


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