May 1, 2011: Washington Nationals vs San Francisco Giants


Game: #027 ā€“ Nationals vs. Giants
Starting Pitchers: Jordan Zimmermann (1-4, 4.55) vs. Matt Cain (2-1, 3.34)
Final Score: Nationals: 5, Giants: 2

23 may be Maggie’s lucky number, but Ashley is rather partial to 27. Thus, she was excited to be attending the 27th game of the season to watch #27 (Jordan Zimmermann) pitch. It was also the 500th game played in D.C. since the Nationals moved to Washington. Zimmermann gave up two runs, but overall pitched very well. He also rocked the tall socks, which is a key uniform component the First Ladies find lacking in most MLB games.

It was another dreary day, but Ashley was excited to finally see a win. The rain was just enough to soak a score book, but not quite bad enough to make any of us get out of our seats. The Nats certainly didn’t seem to mind the weather too much – it actually turned out to be an exciting game.

As the third batter up, Werth hit a long ball to center field. He tried to turn this into a double, but he was tagged out at second. Although he was legitimately switching gear for the top of the next inning, from where we were sitting it looked like he just sat down in a huff at the base after chucking his batting helmet back towards the dugout.

During Desmond’s at bat in the 3rd, the Giants missed a ball and the wild pitch enabled Ankiel to score the tying run. The fans sitting near Ashley had the following conversation: “The pitcher must have thrown the catcher something he wasn’t expecting.” “Yeah, like a strike.” The dialogue continued this way for most of the game, and really made it more enjoyable.

Ivan Rodriguez had a great game. In addition to scoring in the 4th, he had two RBIs in the 8th. On the latter play, he he made a valiant effort to double, but was tagged out at 2nd base. Of note, Pudge also rocks the tall socks and is another favorite of Ashley’s.

Pudge also has a great arm. This series of shots shows him launching a ball from the plate to prevent Giant’s outfielder Darren Ford from stealing 2nd base. You can see Ford barreling into Cora and forcing some great acrobatics. Ultimately, Ford was ruled out and the game quickly went on to the finish.

There was even more cool stuff about this game than what’s mentioned here. Games like this are why Ashley loves baseball – it really is exciting!

More pictures, including some of the runs and all of the pitchers, can be seen here.


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