May 30, 2011: Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies


Memorial Day Presidents Race

Winning pitcher – Roy Halladay (7-3)
No Decision- Livan Hernandez (3-6) / L- Sean Burnett (0-2)

Final Score- 4-5

Before actually getting into the game, Ashley and I are both immensely disappointed with the Nats PR department.  Building up everyone’s hopes that Teddy would win today’s Presidents race and then having Abe win like always. For shame!   Now that that’s out of the way, on to the game.

Utley fails to steal second
In what is the “official” start of summer for most Americans, the weather couldn’t have been more appropriate: clear, sunny, and hotter than an outhouse roof.  Our Nationals played fairly well all things considered.  The defense played well although a couple of mistakes would cost the.  The pitching held Philadelphia to about their average of 4 runs a game, which  considering the firepower that Philly brings is more encouraging than holding the lowly Padres to 2 or so runs.  There were a couple of times we felt that Riggleman was crazy for leaving Hernandez on the on the mound, especially as his pitch total began climb near the temperature.

Nix scores
What was most impressive about the Nats’ play was their offense.  Even if Halladay was shaky (which he was), putting up 4 runs on 10 hits was a solid outing. Homeruns from Morse, Espinosa, and Nix were a welcome sight. More importantly, the Nats continued hitting well after San Diego left.  They could certainly use the continued offense.  Hopefully the bats will stay alive through the west coast road trip.  If they do and things go well, the Nats might actually pass the Mets in the NL East. Still too far back to hope for October but hey, small victories are what count.

Other notes:

Ankiel steals second
Ankiel stealing second in the first inningand the suicide squeeze in the second suggested that Riggleman and the Nats were going to aggressively try and manufacture runs.  Once balls started leaving the park, it appears the game plan shifted.

Henry Rodriguez pitches
This was the first game of the season that it hasn’t rained on Ashley while the withering heat made the uniform choices for some players a bit odd.

Despite both Ashley and my opposition to the Nats’ alternate blue unis, they looked ok from the stands.  Still too busy up close but decent at 200 yards.

We got mentioned in Dave Nichols’ piece for MASN on the Natosphere! We’re the blog written from a female perspective (despite the occasional male guest-writer).

More photos from the game can be found at: FLOB and my picasa pages

I appreciate the Ladies letting me write the Post. If they’re feeling charitable they might let me do some more. Hope to see folks around the ball park

Drew (First Dude)

(a note from Maggie: I was completely remiss in posting this guest bit in a timely manner, Drew, husband of Ashley, deserves better, and I hope you enjoy his photos and thoughts.  We’re going to try and get him to guest post more often now that he’s back in town on a permanent basis, and will OBVIOUSLY get sucked into being a full-time Nats fan)


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