July 3, 2011: Washington Nationals vs Pittsburg Pirates


This was not one of the better games of the year. The weather was hot & humid and the Nats were definitely not on their A-game.

Ashley & Drew decided to use one of their Stars & Stripes club passes, so they watched the game from the air-conditioned bar in the club level. As you can see, there was a rail in between them and the game, but being out of the sun trumped everything else. Having an obstructed view of the infield was interesting, because it made everything going on in the outfield more visible. The only real downside was not being able to see the batters.

We could show you a picture of Jason Marquis pitching, but he didn’t do much of that during the 1.5 inning he was on the mound. After giving up 6 runs, he was yanked in favor of Colin Balester.

And really, there’s not much else game-worthy to talk about. Ashley & Drew actually headed home at the top of the 6th because it was so hard to watch. Some other items of interest:

– The National Anthem was played by Jim Doepke, a trumpeter who is on a mission to play at every MLB stadium. Due to location, Ashley didn’t get any good pictures, but you can read more about Mr. Doepke here: http://www.anthemacrossamerica.org/AnthemAcrossAmerica.htm

– Tyler Clippard was announced as the Nats All-Star player. Congrats!

– There’s still a chance to get one more National to the All-Star game – click here to vote Michael Morse in.

– Finally, Abe dug deep to sweep past the Racing Pierogies and take another victory in the President’s Race.

(full album from this game can be seen here)


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