With the Nats out of town, you would think Half Street would be fairly empty on a Friday night, right? Well, for one Friday each month, you would be wrong. Both of the First Ladies ventured downtown this evening to check out Truckeroo.

The basic premise is simple – the lot next to Das Bullpen is opened up to a selection of DC’s finest food trucks. We all show up to eat, drink beer, and enjoy a summer evening with friends. Since neither Maggie nor Ashley works in the District, we don’t often have a chance to try any of the food trucks. We were excited to give them a taste!

Ashley can’t say no to grilled cheese, so she grabbed dinner here. Maggie decided to go for some goat cheese mac & cheese at CapMac. Both were quite delicious.

We got there around 5 and encountered almost no lines. However, by the time we were heading out a few hours later, folks were waiting at the entrance and two or three of the trucks. Considering how many people were there, we all agreed that this wasn’t bad at all.

Bottom line? Come early, bring cash, and bring friends to share your food with. We both had a great evening and will definitely try to come back next month.

See more pictures of food trucks here.


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