July 26, 2011: Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins


I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the doldrums of summer. The weather makes us not want to go outside and the Nats make us want to avert our eyes. Ashley, Maggie, Drew, and Maggie’s sister Meredith took in the game on Tuesday. We were all really excited, because it was the first game we’d seen in weeks. However, the Nats did not put on a grand show for us. We sat in Section 220, so enjoy some views from a new part of the stadium. Here’s a rundown of the lineup:

Bernadina got on base with a walk, and the pitcher tried (unsuccessfully) to pick him off. Center field was fairly quiet all night – only a few balls went his way.

Espinosa didn’t have much luck at the plate, but he started a terrific double play in the 3rd. We were thankful he was able to pull it off, because the next batter up hit a home run.

Zimmerman was excellent on defense. Our favorite play was a run up to grab a bunt in the 7th. Z also scored one of the Nats runs in the 6th.

Morse was a solid presence at 1st, and hit a double in the 6th. We’re glad to see him out on the field.

Oh Jason Werth, this is how we feel about the Nats too. We’re optimistic that things start picking up soon. A dejected Werth had to watch at least 2 home runs sail over his head and two doubles land in the right field corner.

Nix smashed a ball into the stands for a solo homer in the 5th for one of the Nats’ only two runs for the night.

Ramos was solid behind the plate, but all of his at-bats ended in outs.  He connected with the ball each time, but never managed to send it past the infield.

Desmond had much the same luck as Ramos, although he did get on base in the 5th (walked). Sadly, he was stranded by his teammates.

As for the bullpen, we got to see Zimmermann, Burnett, and Coffey before we decided that being awake at work the next day was more important than watching the last inning.

Our Founding Fathers were less interested in baseball and more excited about the end to the NFL lockout. They played a little touch football in the outfield, ending when George tackled Teddy and Tom carried the ball to the endzone, ahem, finish line.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Nats get their mojo back. In the meantime, you can view more picture from this game here.


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