August 2, 2011: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves


Finally, a perfect night of baseball. The weather was actually pleasant (a nice breeze kept things from getting too sticky), the game was quick, and the Nats’ bats woke up. Since I’ll be at another game tomorrow with Maggie, I thought I would share a few of the best pictures from tonight’s game with you right now:

Morse and Lannan are ready to play.

So are Desmond and Espinosa.

Desmond watches from the on-deck circle.

Werth breaks for 3rd after the ball is overthrown trying to stop him from stealing 2nd (he goes on to score the first run).

Hey, beer man!

3 runners on base…

… and Ankiel hits a grand slam!

These guys were really into the game.

Finally, one last picture of Werth (because I think it will make you smile).

It really was a fabulous game. Drew took even more pictures, so hopefully I can convince him to upload the best ones tomorrow. The rest of mine are here.


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