Baseball’d out


Fact: Ashley and I are terrible bloggers.  I’ve been to three games recently, and blogged about none of them.  There have been a few other events and posts that we never got around to sharing with everyone.  Part of this can be attributed to a condition that Ashley and I have dubbed being “baseball’d out”.  Being baseball’d out happens when you’ve gone to a lot of baseball games during the summer.  Another contributing factor is having lots of tickets towards the end of the season.

So we’ve reached mid-late September, and both Ashley and I are struggling.  The evidence of my struggle was the fact that I could not make myself go to the season ticket holder Picnic in the Park yesterday, nor the game that followed (which might have been for the best since last night’s game went through 13 innings).  Thank goodness I only have 1 more game – next Sunday.  Ashley on the other hand, is likely screwed.  She has tickets for all three games against the Braves next weekend.

In conclusion: we will try our best to be better bloggers, but it’s September, and we have been to a LOT of baseball games.  Does anyone else have this problem?  How do you deal with being “baseball’d out”?

In the mean time: take a look at the pictures that you may or may not have seen.  And pray for us, as we reach the end of a marathon baseball season.

August 17: Nationals vs Reds
August 25: Nationals vs Diamondbacks
September 10: Nationals vs Astros
September 11: Nationals vs Astros



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