April 4, 2012: Nats vs Red Sox (Exhibition)


Welcome back to…

Spring! The cherry trees were in full bloom and military helicopters flew by the stadium regularly. What else says spring in DC?

Ballpark food! $5 pregame beers are back, along with Shake Shack (that delicious burger), and Box Frites (not pictured are our garlic fries). Your First Ladies will try to sample some of the new food options, but sometimes you have to go with what you know. Of note, prices have gone up again on some items.

Racing Presidents! We thought Teddy might have a chance in the preseason, but no luck. He was helped out by the bunny (who tackled Abe, Tom, and George), but got distracted by two jugglers right before the finish line.

Fabulous weather! The field started out completely in the sun, but the shadows stretched long as the game played out. Ashley’s new seats are over in left field… a girl could get used to this view.

Silly games between innings! So far the best new game was “Stealing Second”. The contestant has 45 seconds to run from center field to 2nd base, switch the base out, and run back. If he does it, he gets to keep the game used base. Nifty.

Great catches! Derosa was right in front of us in left field, and we got to see several nice snags. The infield wasn’t too bad either!

Home runs! Ramos got things started with a 3 run homer, and Desmond answered with a solo in the next inning. It wasn’t quite enough to put us over the top, but it was lots of fun. And very promising.

Dramatic 9th innings! The Nats had a chance to tie it up in the 9th with 2 outs, Desmond on 2nd, and a nice long line drive by Espinosa. Desmond ran as hard as he could, but the ball just beat him to the plate (at least, that’s what the Ump wanted us to believe…). I wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t pull out the tie (no extra innings in preseason), because the game was just so much fun. (Picture courtesy of Drew).

First impressions? I think the Nats will be a fun team to watch this year. Then again, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself when you’ve skipped work to go watch your team on a gorgeous spring afternoon.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a bonus post – the Wounded Warrior Amputee vs DC Celebrity Softball game.

Full set of pictures can be found here.


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