Wounded Warrior Amputees vs DC Celebrities, 3 Apr, 2012


After the Nat’s exhibition game against the Red Sox, the outfield was turned into a softball field to showcase the Wounded Warrior Amputee team. They played against an assortment of DC celebrities (a mix of radio and tv personalities, former pro athletes, and politicians).

The game was set up like any other Nats game – the color guard brought out the flag, First Ladies favorite DC Washington sang the national anthem, the Nats pack threw t-shirts into the crowd, Clint interviewed players, and the Presidents even got in a race (Teddy still couldn’t win).

The biggest difference (other than the odd angle of the field and the giant yellow balls) was that the crowd was NOT cheering for the hometown team. There was a lot of good-natured heckling of the DC celebs, and everyone was supporting the amputees. Overall, everyone was having a great time – on and off the field. Whether diving for balls, sliding into bases, or making a fool of themselves, there was a smile on everyone’s faces.

And don’t think that being an amputee slowed any of these guys down. In fact, they were probably in better shape than half of the team they were playing against. It was really cool to see the variety of prosthetic limbs available too. Technology is amazing, and these guys are taking as much advantage of it as they can.

If the team comes to your area (they travel around the country), I highly recommend going out to watch them play. Details on upcoming events and the players themselves can be found on their website.

More pictures from this game are here.


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