A Little Something on the Eve of the Home Opener


I’m not a poet – not really.  But I wanted to write something to commemorate this wonderful feeling going into the home opener series for the Nats this year.  With my sincerest apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.


Twas the night before baseball, and all through DC
many bloggers were stirring, including me.
Our tickets were placed by the door with care,
knowing that soon they would be neckwear.

Fans of all ages, nestled snug in their beds,
while visions of double-plays danced in their heads.
And Ashley with her camera, and I with my cap,
were settling our brains for a last “pre-baseball” nap.

Early the next morning, there arose such a clatter,
I nearly stepped on my cat to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Dealing only with mini-blinds – forget shutter and sash.


The sun shining down on all that’s in sight
made the day warm and lovely, unlike stadium light.
When what to my shocked eyes emerged from the layers
of trees, but SCREECH! with nine baseball players.

A grown man in costume of feathers and beak,
I knew it was him by his whistles and cheek.
The cheerful bald eagle – a local landmark –
was leading the players to Nationals Park

“Now Desmond, Gonzalez, Werth, Espinosa,
LaRoche, Z-man, Shark, Ramos, DeRosa!
To the top of the red porch, over the walls –
now hit away, hit – smash the heck outta those balls!”

The team made their way to Southwest DC,
moving more quickly than fans filled with glee.
On to the field, the players they ran,
with Screech on their heels, showing wingspan.

And then, brassy horns, I heard from homeplate,
the National Anthem (and no head of state).
I made my way down to my seats without hitch,
and settled down in time to see the first pitch!

They were dressed all in white, those men on the field,
sadly missing from the lineup were those who’d not healed.
We all kept our fingers crossed for Storen and Morse,
hoping that previous bad news would not get worse.

But Screech – how he pranced! His countenence so merry!
Matching uniform, shoes and shirt – all the shade of a cherry.
He waved to the fans, then faded into the crowd,
surely other fans elsewhere would need to be wowed.

We watched as the team took their place on the diamond,
the anticipation around us was certainly heightened.
They warmed up their throws from second to first,
thinking that this year was the year they’d no longer be worst.

The team, they were rag-tag – right odd if you please.
And yet they’d managed to take two from Cubbies.
They’d lost to the Mets, but come back to win –
No matter how punished, they would not give in.

Their backgrounds were varied from rookie to vet
but somehow, together, they were sure to reset.
With the game ’bout to start, expectations were high,
there was nothing left for our boys but to try.

So I settled back into my seat for the game,
looked ’round for Screech (but he was gone just the same)
But listening hard, I heard him say as he gave out the hats
“Happy Home Opener to all, and Let’s Go Nats!”



3 Responses to “A Little Something on the Eve of the Home Opener”

  1. Molly Herwood Says:

    Very nice!

  2. Robbo Says:

    Yikes, what a game!

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