May 5, 2012: Nationals vs Phillies (Natitude Weekend)

May 9, 2012 by

This past weekend was about Natitude.  What is Natitude?  Well, let’s do a photo essay as a demonstration of what it is based on who has it.  Before the game started, warming up in right field, Jayson Werth was confronted with a crowd of Phillies fans who had bought tickets near him with the sole intent of taunting him during the game.  What was his response?  A tip of the cap.  That’s Natitude.  Follow that up with a three-run bomb in the bottom of the fifth.  Extra Natitude.  🙂

Who else?  Let’s go with the player of the player of the game – Gio Gonzalez.  Not only did he pitch seven solid innings, he had a double in the fifth and scored on Jayson Werth’s home run.  The best part is seeing Gio smile at his offensive success.  Good stuff.

Natitude also means an offensive bonanza.  Not only did we get the Werth homer, but we got one from Desmond…

And another from Chad Tracy.  The long ball executed multiple times against a hated division rival is SERIOUS Natitude.  So much so that it meant that it got the Nats a 7-1 win.  Well done!

And it wasn’t just the players.  This game was on Cinco de Mayo.  In Section 135, this fan in the custom sombrero (a party-store spray-paint job) showed some serious Natitude in leading the crowd with their cheers.

Full face paint means you’re full of Natitude.

And even the kids have the spirit.  And just because the official Natitude Weekend is over, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep packing the park as fans and showing our support for this team.  We’ll see you back at the park next week!

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Nats vs Phillies, 5/4/12

May 6, 2012 by

On Friday, Drew and I headed down to Natitude Park to watch the baseball game. Yup, Natitude Park. Every reference inside the stadium, from the scoreboard to the directional signs, had been changed for the weekend. Totally cheesy? Absolutely. Useful? Well, as of right now, the Nats are up 2-0 in the series.

Although I definitely saw Phillies fans, there certainly weren’t as many of them as there have been in years past. They also weren’t able to dominate the stands. We had a rowdy group sitting in our section, and although they tried, they couldn’t get any cheers to catch on. There were just too many Nats fans!

But how was the baseball you ask?

Well, it turned out to be a perfect night. There were scattered showers around DC all day, but they stayed away for all 11(!) inning of play. Oh, and the moon was out too.

Things were heated from the start – the first three Phillies batters were quickly dispatched, and the Nats took a turn at bat. Bryce Harper was walked, and the Phillies manager came out to argue the call. With no umpire at third to check the call at the plate, Charlie Manuel was quickly tossed (there were only three umps for the whole game – one called in sick).

After that, the umps did a decent job until they robbed us of a run in the 8th! (My untrained eyes clearly saw Ankiel safe at home).

In addition to pitching, we saw Strasburg hit a double in the 3rd. He made it all the way to third with the bases loaded before Werth struck out to end the inning. The Nats got lots of players on base, but had trouble actually get them home. Hence, it took 11 inning to get the job done.

I sincerely hope that the Nats continue to do well and can get people to come to games. It’s a different ballpark with the stands full. The high school girls behind us were especially amusing, going from “Look, it’s Harper! He’s so dreamy!” to explaining things like bunts and balks to a friend who tagged along.

Go Nats!

More pictures here.

May Predictions: Part 2!

May 1, 2012 by

So, yesterday we left off in mid-May with the Nats facing the Reds.  Fortunately for all of us, there are four more teams that the DC boys of summer will face before we actually head into summer months.  And since this May prediction is a co-post with Crunching Through My Day, we’ll let Drew pick up in the middle of the month and let us know how things should turn out for the Nats.

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